Kylie Jenner Reportedly Trying To Take The High Road With Jordyn Woods, Refusing To ‘Trash Talk’ Former Friend

Kylie Jenner may not be exchanging Christmas cards with Jordyn Woods anytime soon, but the reality television star isn’t looking to trash her former friend after their very public falling out.

A new report from Us Weekly claims that the once tight friendship between Kylie and Jordyn was irreparably broken after Jordyn was caught kissing Khloe Kardashian’s man at a party earlier this year. This led to a public split between Khloe and Tristan Thompson and a simmering feud between Jordyn and the Kardashian clan, with digs on social media and some very public criticism of Jordyn featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Jordyn moved out of Kylie’s house in the aftermath, and Kylie recently unfollowed Jordyn on Instagram after Jordyn was pictured hanging out with James Harden — another one of Khloe’s exes.

But despite the very public animosities, a source told Us Weekly that Kylie doesn’t want to bash her former best friend.

“None of the Kardashian/Jenners are speaking to Jordyn, but Kylie still won’t trash talk Jordyn. She doesn’t wish her ill will,” the source said.

This report comes after it appeared there was a glimmer of hope that Kylie and Jordyn could be friends again. A clip from the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, shared by Hollywood Life, showed Kylie approaching sister Khloe after Jordyn made an offer to reach out personally. Kylie shared that Jordyn wanted to send Khloe a hand-written letter, and wanted to know if Khloe was willing to share her address.

Khloe didn’t seem to be in the mood for reconciliation, but many believed that the clip showed a potential friendship between Kylie and Jordyn.

Other reports have claimed there are deeper tensions between Woods and the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Another recent report claimed that Khloe was mad that it appeared Jordyn was trying to cash in off the scandal and increase her own profile.

“Khloe finds it hard to believe that Jordyn has no idea what she’s doing when it comes to using the scandal to promote her career, and especially when it comes to hanging out with the men in Khloe’s life,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Whether that is Jordyn’s specific intention remains to be seen, but the curvy model has certainly seen a major boost to her career since being caught up in the drama. She has more than doubled her number of Instagram followers since the cheating incident and has also branched out into some work on television shows. Jordyn has also appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK, giving her side of the story.

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