Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Victor Steps In On Christian’s Custody

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Victor has had enough when it comes to Christian’s custody case. He decides it’s high time to step in and set things right — The Mustache-style.

It seems that just one year ago Victor (Eric Braeden) fought a bitter battle against Nick (Joshua Morrow) to gain custody of Christian. Ultimately, Nick won that case, but he had to fight dirty to beat his father. Now, Adam (Mark Grossman) has returned from the dead, and he wants his biological son back, even though he switched the initial DNA results to show that Nick is the boy’s father.

Things got ugly between the Newman brothers recently, according to The Inquisitr‘s daily Y&R recap. Nick punched Adam, and now Adam is using the violence to cause issues. Adam even filed a police report about the incident. Things are to the point where Victor decides to take charge of the situation in his typical fashion.

“Victor feels he has given Adam and Nick enough time to resolve their differences on their own,” Y&R head writer Josh Griffith told Soap Opera Digest. “Victor is concerned that the drama surrounding Christian’s paternity will have a damaging effect on his grandson. Victor also thinks that Adam is using the custody battle as a way to punish Nick, and it will ultimately hurt Christian the most.”

Unfortunately, Victor takes Nick’s side in the situation, and that hurts Adam. He already struggles with abandonment issues because he did not grow up with Victor and did not even find out that Victor was his father until later in his life. It is also hurtful to Adam that Victor assumes he does not actually care about Christian and would use a custody case as a means of hurting Nick.

“He truly loves his sons and does not want a fractured relationship with them like he has with his dad,” Griffith revealed.

Adam seems to want to build a life with Christian and Connor since he has received another second chance at life. Adam did take Dark Horse away from Nick, which hurt his brother in a big way. His recent actions make it is easy to see why Victor might think he has intentions other than being a good dad to his son. It looks like Victor is in for a rough ride, though.

“Victor’s involvement in the custody battle with anger Adam and cause the rift in the Newman family to take a very dangerous turn that no one will see coming,” said Griffith.

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