WWE News: Former Superstar Undergoes Huge Body Change And Gets Into Great Shape

There are those times that superstars find themselves losing their position in WWE and realizing that they messed up a great career. Others just move on and find something else for themselves in the world of professional wrestling. Former WWE superstar Big Cass is one who just had a troubled career with the company and even after being released, but he is now in the best shape of his life and working on rejuvenating himself.

Big Cass now goes by the name of CazXL, and he is continuing his professional wrestling career even though his former partner states he’s retired. The WWE superstar formerly known as Enzo Amore has plenty of other irons in the fire, and he may not even need wrestling any longer.

After being released by WWE, Big Cass had gained a bit of weight and simply wasn’t in the greatest of shape. In December, he even had a seizure at a House of Hardcore event which seemed to scare some motivation and life into him and brought about this new turnaround.

He has admitted to having issues with alcohol and his mental health, which brought about the extra weight and being out of shape. Well, he’s realized that there needed to be a change and that was evident by his appearance this past weekend at an event for Cactus League Wrestling.

Big Cass knew that things had taken some bad turns, and he admits his problems with alcohol after his seizure. He said that he had grown greatly out of shape and weighed more than 300 pounds, which had him unhappy with what he had become.

In a video released on YouTube by a user known as “Saint Abie,” Cass delivers a promo at the Cactus League Wrestling event. He brought up those who said he was fat, out of shape, and that many felt as if he would never be back in wrestling after the seizure that almost took his life.

For those people, he had a message to deliver to them.

“I ain’t f***ing dead yet! I heard that CLW is all the rage and I had to see what it was about. So I have come to CLW to rise to the top of this company, become a champion in this company, and after CLW, I’ll go to another company and I’m gonna rise to the very top of this god d*mn industry.”

CazXL said that he’s simply going to do whatever he wants to do wherever he decides to go, and that anyone wanting to stop him will have to kill him.

It not only took a lot for CazXL/Big Cass to get himself back in shape, but it took even more for him to speak about his demons. The former WWE superstar may never end up working for Vince McMahon’s company again, but he plans on making the most out of whatever promotion he lands in.

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