‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Intense Danger For Cameron Ahead As Shiloh’s Desperation Intensifies

A new sneak peek teases big General Hospital spoilers regarding Shiloh’s plans for Cameron. As viewers saw during Tuesday’s episode, Cam was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this will put him in a very dangerous predicament.

Viewers were left with a haunting scene during Tuesday’s show as Cameron crossed paths with an injured and desperate Shiloh. The next thing fans saw was the garbage Cam had been gathering littering the area as both the teen and the Dawn of Day leader were gone.

Previews suggested that Shiloh would waste little time in ushering Cameron to Dr. Cabot. General Hospital spoilers from a new preview posted to the show’s Twitter page reveal that the DOD leader will try exactly what fans were afraid he would — Shiloh will push Cabot to transfer Drew’s memories from the flash drive into Cameron’s mind.

Of course, this idea seems pretty absurd. However, it looks as if Shiloh will be willing to cross any line necessary to get to that information from Drew’s memories.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview indicate that Cabot will warn Shiloh that using Cameron is a dangerous proposition. However, it seems that Shiloh will insist that they try. They will have the teen strapped to a chair and a syringe prepared to begin the procedure.

Cameron will surely be frightened by all of this, but he won’t just sit back and take it. General Hospital spoilers detail that despite being restrained and bound to the chair in the warehouse room where the procedure is slated to begin, Cam will kick Shiloh and demand that the DOD leader let him go.

How far will this go? As The Inquisitr noted, it looks as if this will probably take a while to resolve. Elizabeth will get a terrifying call during Thursday’s show, and all signs point toward this continuing to escalate for the next few episodes and perhaps even into next week.

Shiloh is desperate, as he knows that Drew’s memories contain information pinpointing where the money from his shady military antics is hidden. He wanted to use Jason for this memory transfer, but Jason managed to get himself out of that situation. Now, it seems that Shiloh will take advantage of this chance meeting with Cam to pursue his evil agenda.

General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed specifics regarding what happens next. However, fans suspect that somehow Cameron will manage to prevent this memory transfer from happening.

There have been a lot of hints swirling that signal Franco may end up being the recipient of these daunting memories. Now, fans can’t help but wonder if Franco steps up to do this in exchange for Cameron’s safe release.

How will Cameron get out of this potentially dangerous situation? Will Franco end up getting those memories as fans have theorized?

This storyline is taking some wild twists and turns, and viewers can’t help but think that Shiloh’s decision to kidnap Cameron will ultimately seal Shiloh’s fate. General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that Shiloh might be killed off soon, and this could be the final straw that prompts somebody to finally do the deed.

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