Chris Harrison Says This ‘Bachelor’ Would Be The Worst On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Chris Harrison is always rooting for his Bachelor Nation stars to extend their reality TV fame, but there’s one recent ABC leading man he thinks should stick to sneakers instead of dancing shoes.

Harrison, the longtime host of The Bachelor franchise, doesn’t think Colton Underwood has what it takes to win a mirrorball trophy on Dancing With the Stars. The Bachelor host got candid with Entertainment Tonight when talking about franchise alums that could potentially appear on the upcoming season of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition.

Harrison told ET that while he has high hopes for recent Bachelorette Hannah Brown to compete on the show, he noted that her original ABC boyfriend may not be so great. Based on the ABC host’s comments, Underwood may want to stick to rose-filled reality shows instead of trying his hand at the rumba.

Harrison clarified that he thinks Underwood is “awesome,” but noted that the hunky former NFL player would be forced to “take his shirt off on day one and use his unbelievable charm and charisma and personality” to woo the judges on Dancing With the Stars.

“I love Colton. He’s like my little brother. He’s not a good dancer. He has no rhythm at all. That doesn’t come to you. He’ll go far ’cause, here’s the thing with Colton, he is a ridiculous athlete, obviously, He’s a ridiculous athlete, obviously, he’s a world-class athlete, and he grinds and he will try. He will put in the effort, but I’m talking he’s at zero, he might get a two if he crushes it. Whereas Hannah is a performer. I think she can dance. She’ll be at a four [and] can get up to an eight.”

While Harrison acknowledged that viewers would vote for Colton because he’d be “shirtless with puppies and stuff,” he does not think The Bachelor star can go all the way on the ABC dancing competition. The reality show host would much prefer to see Hannah Brown’s recent Bachelorette reject Tyler Cameron on DWTS, noting that Tyler actually has some dancing skills.

Of course, Harrison’s theory that Colton would go far in the competition despite having zero dancing skills may not hold any water. In May, Deadline reported that ABC Entertainment president Kasey Burke teased that ABC executives pitched some format changes to DWTS after viewers complained that Bobby Bones won last fall’s mirrorball trophy despite having the lowest scores on the Season 27 finale.

In addition, host Tom Bergeron tweeted a response to a fan complaint about Bones’ Dancing With the Stars win, noting that the radio host “won fair and square based on the voting rules of the show at that time.”

Bergeron’s notation of “at that time” seemed to hint that the voting system may not be the same for the upcoming fall season of Dancing With the Stars, which could mean Colton’s potential shirtlessness may not result in an onslaught of fan votes anyway.

Incidentally, if Colton Underwood were to appear on Dancing With the Stars, he has already teased who he wants by his side. Underwood coyly told Entertainment Tonight he’d only do the show if his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, could do it with him.

“If I was with Cass I would consider it…if Cassie can do it with me,” The Bachelor star said.

As for Hannah Brown, the burned Bachelorette is still reeling from the fallout from her season after her short-time fiancé Jed Wyatt admitted he didn’t entirely break things off with his musician girlfriend before heading to The Bachelorette filming. Interestingly, the former pageant queen, who lived in Alabama her whole life, recently relocated to Los Angeles, per Bachelor blogger Reality Steve Carbone. On his blog, Carbone wrote that Hannah has moved to LA “so the speculation has already begun she’s either doing DWTS or will be involved in something TV-related.”

Dancing With the Stars Season 28 premieres on Monday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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