Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 2: Blake H. Faces Tough Questions & The Ladies Are Feeling Anxious

Tuesday night brings Episode 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and spoilers for Season 6 tease that this will be a show packed with tears and chaos. Viewers got a taste of what’s to come on Monday night’s premiere, but it looks as if fans will have a lot to keep track of with this next two-hour extravaganza.

The initial sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode hinted that Blake Horstmann will be facing some challenging questions. Blake will head out on a date with Kristina Schulman, whom he’s previously dated, and spoilers suggest that they’ll have fun. However, back at the resort, Caelynn Miller-Keyes is continuing to talk about her experience with Horstmann and it’ll soon spark a fair amount of backlash.

According to the synopsis from TV Guide, Kristina will tell Blake she might be open to rekindling their romance. However, she’ll have some questions for him first. Photos for the episode suggest that the couple will go four-wheeling on their date and spend some time alone talking.

When Blake returns to the resort, Caelynn is ready to confront him. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that she’ll want to talk with him alone and a new sneak peek suggests that he will be stunned by what she wants to say.

The preview – shared via the show’s Twitter page – reveals that Caelynn will tell Blake that she’s feeling really disrespected. He’ll ask who has left her feeling this way and he appears to be legitimately shocked when she says that he’s the one making her feel disrespected.

Caelynn will open up about the phone call she and Blake had a while back where she says he called it a mistake for them to have hooked up. She will talk about how hurt that left her and it would seem that he’s caught completely off-guard by this.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that this conversation will be loud enough to draw the attention of the others hanging out nearby. Teasers also hint that this won’t be the end of the Blake-related drama.

Additional teasers for Tuesday’s show reveal that a guy will get a date card and he’ll already be quite smitten with the lady he asks to go with him. However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that he’ll first get a visit from a female friend who has something to talk to him about.

Based on the spoilers from Reality Steve, it sounds like this pertains to Clay Harbor. He will get a date card and ask out Nicole Lopez-Alvar. However, it seems as if Annaliese Puccini may approach him first to talk to him about her friend and his ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua.

The previews for Episode 2 hint at the cocktail party and rose ceremony being shown. However, it looks like fans will be left hanging until next week when it comes to the first eliminations.

Once the full rose ceremony is shown, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Clay will give his rose to Nicole and Kevin Fortenberry gives his to Sydney Lotuaco. Interestingly, Blake offers his rose to Tayshia Adams and Cam Ayala shares his with Caelynn.

John Paul Jones presents his rose to Onyeka Ehie and Wills Reid will choose to keep Katie Morton there. Derek Peth and Demi Burnett connect for his rose and Kristina’s comes from Chris Bukowski. Finally, Dylan Barbour will give his to Hannah Godwin.

Once the rose ceremony is over, which will seemingly be shown on Monday, August 12, viewers will see Jane Aver, Annaliese Puccini, and Bibiana Julian depart. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that this is going to be quite the buzzworthy season and viewers will have a lot to sink their teeth into with this August 6 episode.

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