Jennifer Garner Says She’s No Longer Offered ‘Hot Girl’ Role In Films

Jennifer Garner has come a long way in her career as the film roles she now plays have changed a lot.

Recently, the mother of three penned an article for InStyle, sharing parts of her life and career with readers.

Garner recalls her first InStyle cover, which was back in 2004 when she was starring in her hit show, Alias. At the beginning of her career, Garner shares that she would get really stressed out about meaningless stuff and thought that she had been through a lot at the time. But now, looking back, she knows that she hasn’t been through anything “bad” yet in her career though things have definitely changed.

“When you’re one of the “hot girls” of the moment, you’re making choices that define you,” she shared. “I was defined first by choosing to go on hiatus, and then I was very quickly defined by pregnancies and babies. Now my choices are defined by different things.”

Even though she is no longer banking on those “hot girl” roles at this stage in her career, there is an upside. According to the brunette beauty, she knows that now the roles she is being offered are coming to her not because of her looks but because people think she would be a great choice for the part and they genuinely want to see her take a shot.

Jennifer also specifically pinpoints films like Butter, The Kingdom, Catch and Release and The Odd Life of Timothy Green as being movies that she starred in but that nobody really saw. Garner also noted that she has not been offered a ton of roles in blockbuster films.

According to the actress, these quirky roles helped her accept the world from a different angle and to make her realize that she knows herself pretty well.

She has been giving back to different organizations like Save the Children, where she has worked since 2008. In that role, Garner is involved in early-childhood education. She joked that she wishes she could go back to her own kids and use all the valuable lessons she has learned during her time with the organization.

And for now, she is still playing the role of a protective mother to her three kids, who she says she refuses to post photos of on social media even though she is sure that her kids would love if she did upload a post or two.

“I guard my kids’ privacy as much as I possibly can, and I’ve never posted pictures of them on Instagram. I used to refuse to say their names during interviews — but everyone knows their names! I would just say “my eldest,” which I still do out of habit a lot.”

The actress also dished that she is grateful she came up through Hollywood when she did, which was before there was social media which she calls a whole other job that puts a lot of pressure on her.

For now, Garner knows she has come a long way, describing herself as “optimistic, humbled, seeking wisdom and grateful.”

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