Blac Chyna Addresses Rumors She Bleached Her Skin In New Reality TV Show

Blac Chyna finally addressed the rumors that started circulating a few months ago regarding her allegedly lightening her skin tone.

In the latest episode of her new Zeus Network docu-series, The Real Blac Chyna, the TV personality spoke about the scandal that rocked her life in November of last year. Back then, she was accused of bleaching her skin with the use of her skin lightening cream. The product was a collaboration with Whitenicious by Dencia, as reported by Hollywood Life.

“When I used to go to Miami my skin was a little bit darker so that raised this whole controversy thing to where it was said that I was bleaching my skin, which I wasn’t,” she claimed in an excerpt of one of the show’s interviews, which was shared by the official The Shade Room page on Instagram.

Chyna’s line was titled Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream, and each cream cost a whopping $250. It was reportedly meant to battle dark spots and hyperpigmentation, but many online users at the time assumed she was also using it to make her skin tone look lighter. In the latest episode of her reality TV show, the mother-of-two sits down with beauty mogul Dencia to talk about the controversial subject that is skin whitening. Dencia, who is a Cameroon native, explained she never had to have a conversation about “colorism” where she comes from.

“If I want to be tan today, I would do it. If I want to be shades lighter, I would do it cause that’s what I want,” she said.

Chyna nodded in agreement while Dencia spoke about being able to have the right to do what she wants with her body without receiving backlash. Not only that, the two ladies also dished on the fact that they know which celebrities are buying their products — but didn’t reveal actual names!

At the time, the scandal sparked a lot of online outrage, and the fact that Chyna addressed it the way she did on national TV did not seem to help. The Shade Room followers were quick to point out that the topic was much “deeper” than changing your body the way you want to, as “so many people fought and died so our skin color could be accepted and it’s still not.”

“The ignorance spilling from Dencia’s mouth. Ewww. It’s really and truly disgusting,” one person wrote. Others straight-up attacked the women’s looks, with one of the most popular comments being, “I agree. If she wants to hate herself and look like an extraterrestrial, let her.” It appears that, at this point, whatever the mother-of-two will say about the subject will end up backfiring on her.

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