Blake Horstmann’s Bad Behavior Blasted After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Premiere

Chris Harrison has seen it all on Bachelor in Paradise, but even he seems stunned by some of the boneheaded moves that played out on the Season 6 premiere of the ABC summertime reality show.

After Blake Horstmann — the runner-up reject from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette and one-time Bachelor contender — found himself in hot water in Paradise, Harrison questioned what the fan favorite could have possibly been thinking. In case you missed the fireworks on the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, Horstmann’s pre-show hookups were exposed when some bitter exes landed alongside him on the beach in Mexico.

Bachelor alum Caelynn Miller-Keyes repeatedly revealed that she and Horstmann spent the night together after meeting up at Stagecoach earlier this year, but that the morning after she caught him DM-ing fellow Bachelor Nation beauties Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams. Horstmann later reportedly told Caelynn that he had hooked up with Kristina Schulman the night before sleeping with her. As karma would have it, all of these women were part of the first batch of beauties on Bachelor in Paradise.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, revealed that things will only go downhill and get about “as bad as they can” for Horstmann in future episodes of the ABC reality show. The longtime ABC host seemed perplexed as to what Horstmann thought would happen when he arrived in Paradise with so much Bachelor Nation baggage.

Harrison said Horstmann’s back-to-back Stagecoach hookups with multiple Bachelor alums was “not a smart move” and “not a good look,” and he questioned how the clueless suitor thought he would just stroll into Paradise as if nothing had happened.

Harrison said he believes that Horstmann assumed Caelynn would keep their one-nighter under wraps. The Bachelor in Paradise host also condemned Horstmann’s arrogant attitude and said he may have gotten what he needed and deserved after having his ego inflated by fans fawning over him following Becca’s rejection.

“It’s only arrogance, I guess, to think that you were gonna stroll into Paradise and that we wouldn’t know as producers, that the girls weren’t gonna talk, that everything would just magically go away ’cause you’re some great guy.’ Maybe he was believing the hype, drinking his own Kool-Aid, thinking that all the people that tell him out in public that he’s the greatest guy ever, maybe he thought he was the greatest guy ever. Maybe this is exactly what he needed, a swift kick in the a**.”

Harrison also questioned how Horstmann even stayed in Paradise and actually continued to pursue some of these women. The Bachelor in Paradise host joked that if it had been him, he would have jumped into the ocean and swam away from the drama.

“I don’t know what kept him there,” Harrison said of Horstmann.

Some other members of Bachelor Nation agreed, as can be seen from the Twitter reaction below.

While Harrison admitted he doesn’t see how things could end well for Horstmann on Bachelor in Paradise, he did point out that the 30-year-old’s philandering ways don’t make him a terrible human being. Harrison noted that it’s not like Horstmann robbed a bank or did anything illegal, just that he’s single and overly ready to mingle.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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