Mila Kunis Interview With Nervous Reporter Goes Viral [Video]

A Mila Kunis interview with a terrified BBC reporter has gone viral after Redditors shared and re-shared the clip — in which the discussion rapidly turns to British pub culture and the star seems to flip the tables and grill the griller.

Mila Kunis sat down with the clearly green Chris Stark, Watford football fan and friend of many colorful fellows down the pub. Three minutes in, Kunis describes the session as the “best interview” she’s had all day, and the two discuss whiskey, how football works and whether the turned-tables spot is “ridiculous.”

Stark is soon explaining to Mila Kunis how they can go watch a match, get a pie — a steak and ale pie, mind, not a sweet sort — and the star expresses shock that Blue Moon is not a “thing” in England like in the US.

Stark asks Kunis how quickly she can “neck a pint,” to which she replies that her experience bartending makes her confident she is “pretty quick” in doing so.

As the chatty pair edge toward the five-minute mark, someone off camera encourages Kunis to talk about the film Oz the Great and Powerful, and the star expresses a preference to continue the pints-and-football discussion.

Mila Kunis then cuts in and says:

“Let me just give you answers that I know you’re gonna ask.”

Mila then briefly explains her role in the upcoming film and her character’s “emotional transformation” as well as physical. Kunis also says she “loved working with James Franco,” before Stark turns the spot back to his “mate Dicko.”

The reporter asks Mila Kunis to be his date for Dicko’s wedding in June, to which the star is forced to decline because she has to work.

Did you find Mila Kunis’ interview with Chris Stark to be a welcome departure from the standard press junkets ahead of the released of hyped films like Oz the Great and Powerful, or was Stark’s unpolished style less appealing than the standard?

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