‘One Piece’ Episode 897 Spoilers, Preview: Luffy Finally Reunites With Zoro, Clashes With Hawkins In Wasteland

The last two episodes of One Piece featured the side story of Cidre, who is known as the world’s strongest bounty hunter. Cidre and his subordinates tried to take the heads of Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. However, despite using incredible weapons powered by carbonated water, the Cidre Guild still failed to capture Luffy and Hancock.

After the Straw Hat Pirates’ victory over the Cidre Guild, One Piece‘s Wano Arc is set to finally return to action. The preview for One Piece Episode 897, which is titled “Save Otama! Straw Hat, Bounding through the Wasteland!,” hinted at the reunion between two of the most powerful members of the Straw Hat Pirates – Luffy and Roronoa Zoro.

“While traveling across a wasteland with Otama, Luffy finally sees Zoro again. However, Hawkins, one of the enemy’s headliners, stands in their way. In the land where the law of the jungle rules, the rookies from the Worst Generation clash.”

The last time Luffy and Zoro were together was in Zou. When they left the island, the Straw Hat Pirates divided into two groups. Luffy’s group headed to the Whole Cake Island to take Vinsmoke Sanji back, while Zoro’s group went directly to the Land of Wano where they would be making preparations for their upcoming war against Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

As shown in the preview for One Piece Episode 897, Luffy will be meeting Zoro while finding a hospital for Otama. The little ninja girl fell ill after drinking the water in the river to satiate her hunger. Otama’s master, Tenguyama Hitetsu, revealed that the water in the river was poisoned because of the waste coming from the factories built by the Beast Pirates.

Luffy is very excited to see Zoro again, but that feeling will immediately change as a powerful enemy appears in front of them. One Piece Episode 897 preview teased the upcoming battle between the three members of the Worst Generation – Luffy, Zoro, and Hawkins Pirates captain Basil Hawkins. After a surprise encounter with Emperor Kaido, Hawkins betrayed Kid Pirates captain Eustass “Captain” Kid and agreed to serve as a Beast Pirates headliner.

The upcoming chapter of One Piece is set to feature Hawkins engaging in a two-on-one fight against Luffy and Zoro. Despite knowing the enemies’ strength and devil fruit power, Luffy and Zoro don’t seem to be worried at all which is proven by the smile on their faces. In their battle against Hawkins, it seems like Luffy is also planning to use the sword he borrowed from Otama’s master.

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