‘The Bachelorette’ Star Jed Wyatt Slams Nick Viall

Just about everyone, fans or not, has heard about the drama that recently went down on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. In a controversial move, Brown sent home fan-favorite Tyler Cameron and gave her final rose to Jed Wyatt. Wyatt, a budding musician from Nashville, ended up proposing to Brown. It wasn’t until they were already engaged that she discovered that Wyatt’s intentions for coming on the show were far from pure, according to Cosmopolitan.

About mid-way through the season, a woman came forward claiming that she and Wyatt were in a relationship when he left to go on the show. He had informed her that his plan for going on the show wasn’t to find love with Brown, but to gain media attention and boost his music career. He assured his girlfriend that loved her and that as soon as he returned they would move forward with their relationship. Once Brown found out this information, her trust for Wyatt was broken. She eventually called off the engagement.

There’s no surprise that Wyatt’s been getting a lot of backlash in the media lately for the way he treated Brown. In fact, he’s even claimed his family members have been getting death threats.

Wyatt recently sat down for The Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and talked about all the hate he’s been getting. He took the time to call out Bachelor alum Nick Viall, who has been particularly vocal regarding his opinions about Wyatt. Viall often does commentary on the show and has poked a lot of fun at Wyatt online over the past few months.

Wyatt pointed out that none of the men from his season called him out on social media for what he did to Brown. It was predominately Viall, he claims, who was delivering most of the hate. He believes Viall’s motivation was to use the drama to keep himself relevant.

“No one called me out. It was more so just Nick Viall. None of the guys on my season has said anything. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and with social media, people are very quick to jump on what’s the most popular thing happening and how they can use it to benefit. To get retweets. To get likes. I understand it. I’ve been, as of recently, the talk of the town, so I see why people are doing that, but it’s like, get to know me before you talk sh*t. And if you come at my family, like, don’t do that.”

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