‘Resident Evil 6’ Coming To Theaters Next Year

Resident Evil 6 is headed to theaters next year.

The next installment in the long-running franchise is expected to hit cinemas towards the end of the 2014 summer blockbuster season. Beyond the release date, little is known about the project.

According to Shock Till You Drop, Sony Pictures will unleash Resident Evil 6 into theaters on September 12, 2014. The only person currently attached to star in the feature is Milla Jovovich.

Although Resident Evil: Retribution only managed to generated around $42 million at the box office in the United States, the film did pretty well overseas. The fifth installment of the franchise took in an impressive $179 million in foreign markets.

Cinema Blend explains that Resident Evil 6 isn’t the only project currently on director Paul W.S. Anderson’s plate at the moment. The filmmaker is also putting together the big-budget disaster flick Pompeii. Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) and Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) will star in the movie.

Anderson spoke with Dread Central last year about the long-running franchise. Although the director laid the groundwork for another installment at the end of Retribution, Anderson said a sequel is never a sure thing.

He explained:

“I think we’ve always approached the ‘Resident Evil’ movies with the idea that you can never take a sequel for granted because if this movie doesn’t work, then there won’t be a sequel so we always try to tell stories that have a satisfying ending.”

Anderson added:

“I think that ‘Retribution’ has a very good story conclusion to it, but of course there’s that little epigram at the end — that does suggest that there might be another movie. I mean, I would certainly like to make one because I feel like I would want to tie up this whole ‘Resident Evil’ universe.”

While little is currently known about the project, its story, or its cast, fans can at least rest easy knowing Resident Evil 6 is coming to theaters next year.

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