‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Nicole Anthony Bursts Into Tears When Houseguests Make Fun Of Cliff Hogg

Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. It does not contain any competition wins, only conversations from the live feeds.

Every season on Big Brother, the houseguests have a go at one another, and it’s usually behind each other’s backs. It’s not likely that 16 strangers from all walks of life will get along, and when cliques form in the house, they sometimes poke fun at the others around them. This has been going on all season this summer, but some recent behavior has caused one houseguest to break down.

The Joker’s BB Updates Twitter account has been noting some conversations on the live feeds over the last two days that suggest some of the houseguests have been making fun of Cliff Hogg, the season’s oldest player. According to the conversations, Nicole Anthony was bothered by the way Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera were making fun of Cliff during the recent Power of Veto competition.

Cliff did not play in the POV, so it’s not known at this time why they were poking fun at someone just sitting on the sidelines. Nicole also commented that she was aggravated at Christie, who constantly pushes the anti-bullying agenda, but contradicts herself by partaking in it more than anyone.

It was also revealed yesterday that Jack Matthews was making fun of the way Cliff walks. Holly Allen watched as Jack made fun of Cliff, and told the story to some of her other houseguests.

Some of Cliff’s alliance members let him in on what was going on behind his back, but he wasn’t too bothered by all the nonsense. Kathryn Dunn noted that the jokes made at Cliff’s expense made Nicole break down and cry. After Kathryn let Cliff know about Nicole, he made a bold statement about the other side of the house.

“They think I’m stupid. They think all they have to do is give me some compliments and I’m gonna jump on board the Jack train. They underestimate every single one of us,” he said.

Live feed viewers are hoping the remarks made about Cliff make it to the broadcast shows, and it’s likely they will, since it happened during a competition. Producers have been catching slack this season for not airing many of the rude remarks made by houseguests about another player, but this could be where it turns around.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.

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