Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Cassandra Uses Sasha To Torment Nina

Cassandra Pierce reappeared on General Hospital last week, just in time to do a little visiting with a special couple in Puerto Rico. Michael and Sasha traveled to the island to enjoy some alone time together, but their happiness is about to be short-lived. Little did they know the real identity of the woman they “bumped” into.

Cassandra will do her best to play a little game of cat and mouse with Nina, the person who was responsible for putting her into a coma, and Valentin, who despises her. She now has the perfect opportunity to use the one person who Nina cherishes the most–her daughter Sasha. The truth hasn’t yet been revealed that Sasha isn’t her real daughter, so Nina will do anything to protect her at this point. General Hospital spoilers posted on Soap Central teases that Nina will be receiving a special delivery the week of August 5.

No details have been given on what that will be, but it is bound to be upsetting. There was a hint last week on General Hospital when Cassandra met Michael and Sasha for breakfast on the island. She insisted on taking a selfie of the three of them together. The special delivery may very well be that picture that she took. That would definitely freak Nina out. In fact, spoilers also say that she will be on edge, especially if she sees that Cassandra has been with her daughter. She might even send one to Sonny, just to taunt him.

Cassandra is certainly not messing around. She injected some type of drug into Sasha’s grapefruit, so it appears that Nina’s fake daughter will get sick soon enough. It might even kill her, but it doesn’t sound like it will work right away. She is expected to interact with Maxie this week, so it appears that whatever Sasha has just ingested, it will not be immediate.

There was a spoiler that was posted weeks ago that said Finn would be involved in some type of mystery illness sometime this summer. That hasn’t happened yet. It could be that Sasha is the one who becomes ill, possibly falling into a coma, leaving Finn to try to come up with a cure.

What will Sasha’s fate be? Is this how the truth comes out that she is not Nina’s daughter?

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see how fast that drug works on Sasha and if it will be deadly.

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