Woman Posts Graphic Photos Of Severe Burns She Got From Using A Generic Phone Charger

Apple brand iPhone chargers can be expensive to replace. For this reason, many people have been purchasing generic brands online through sites like Amazon. The charger may seem to work the same, but it could also present some very serious safety concerns. A 19-year-old woman recently posted some graphic photos of second degree burns that she sustained while using a generic phone charger. Now, doctors are warning against using generic brands altogether, according to Today.

The woman who was burned by her generic brand cell phone charger was laying in bed at the time the incident occurred. Her phone charger was plugged into the outlet, one end laying underneath her pillow. Suddenly, she felt a strong burning sensation around her neck, and realized it was coming from her necklace. She ripped the necklace from her neck and went to the hospital. Doctors believe that the burn occurred when one end of the charger cord came into contact with the woman’s necklace. It sent an electric current through the necklace, thus causing the severe burns all around her neck. The cord was not even plugged into her phone at the time the incident occurred. The woman was lucky to not have sustained any more extreme injuries as a result of the accident.

While it may seem odd to sleep with your phone charging in bed with you, it’s a much more common practice than one might think. Teenagers and young adults in particular tend to sleep with their phone laying under the pillow. Some might do this because they are more likely to hear their phone if it goes off in the middle of the night, or they may just be used to keeping their phones right next to them at all times.

Not only does keeping your phone in bed with you lead to a poor quality of sleep, it’s also not safe, as was proved in the case of the girl who sustained the burns on her neck.

Dr. Leigh Vinocur, the national spokeswoman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, expressed concern over this bad habit.

“To have the charger in bed without even the phone attached to it seems crazy. I’ve seen kids who sleep with their phones plugged in under their pillow and if there’s damage to the charger or there’s some kind of issue … it is worrisome.”

To avoid the risk, it is best to stick to name brand chargers and keep your device away from your bed and anywhere flammable while you sleep.

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