Kim Kardashian’s Bare-Legged Promo Pics Slammed In Wake Of Mass Shootings, Reform Fighting Dubbed As Hypocrisy

Kim Kardashian has caused a stir. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to her Instagram earlier today to celebrate a sibling-centric calendar day. The 38-year-old posted ten pictures showing various moments she’s enjoyed with her famous sisters, although the update opened with what appeared to be a bit of a promotional agenda.

The opening photo showed Kim and younger sister Kylie Jenner holding the lip-shaped packaging that contains the perfume set to be released as a KKW Beauty collaboration with the Kylie Cosmetics CEO. Kim and Kylie had been shot full-length as they held the pink and red-colored lips while rocking one-shouldered jumpsuits that came daringly high-cut and legless on one side.

While many fans might argue that the update ticked boxes for its display of sibling love, it looks like Kim is getting slammed. A comment mentioning the recent wave of mass shootings in the U.S. has risen to become one of the most-liked. The user did not reference the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio incidents by name, but they did point toward the recent tragedies, alongside probing the mother of four on her recent legal activities in the world of prison reform.

The comment appeared popular, racking up over 263 likes in under two hours.

“So sad. Almost 30 people died in the last 24 hours and you’re out here promoting yourself and your family. This just makes you realize, you really did go into law for the publicity. You don’t care about injustice. You want to fight for reform? Fight for gun reform. Make your platform useful.”

While fans might argue that the display of sisterly love was the basis for Kim’s update, others might find themselves agreeing with the user’s suggestion that Kim was promoting her clan. A significant chunk of the star’s income is, after all, based on the success of the family’s hit E! show, with the upkeep of the family’s popularity maintained via social media displays.

Replies to the user’s comment mostly appeared to back Kim, although the upvotes definitely suggested some level of agreement.

Kim’s involvement in criminal justice has been high-profile. Last year, Kim was heavily involved in the release of formerly-incarcerated Alice Marie Johnson. Earlier this year, Kim took a high-profile trip to Washington, D.C. Her White House visit came with a speech made alongside President Donald Trump, with Kim fully backing the First Step Act and announcing a rideshare scheme that would aid ex-cons in finding jobs after their release.

It looks like today’s comment has dubbed Kim a hypocrite.

Fortunately for Kim, other responses proved more positive. The update itself also racked up over 1.8 million likes in two hours.

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