Kristen Stewart Remembers Anton Yelchin In ‘Love, Antosha,’ ‘He Kind Of, Like, Broke My Heart’

Kristen Stewart’s love life has been on blast for years, but that’s often the price you pay for being in the public eye, especially when you enter show business at an early age. Still, there was one romance that the prolific actress kept to herself — until now.

Stewart admitted that the late Anton Yelchin was “one of her first crushes,” states Refinery 29, who spoke about Kristen’s co-star in Griffin Dunne’s Fierce People.

In turn, Kristen talked about Anton in the new film, Love, Antosha, a veritable love letter to the shining star who died at 27-years-old after a freak accident pinned him between his newly recalled SUV and a driveway gate.

“He and I were really good friends for like two years, and then he kind of broke my heart. I was so baffled by how good he was in working with him, and then subsequently couldn’t be around him. I think back on why I like some of the things that I like, in that brief period of time of like 14-15-16 [years-old]…”

Looking back, Kristen and Anton spent a lot of time together making 2005’s Fierce People. She played Maya Langley to his Finn Earl, a 16-year-old who falls for her.

As often happens in show business, life imitated art and the 14-year-old Kristen fell hard while also falling silent about her relationship with 15-year-old Anton, who has been considered charismatic largely because of his “eccentricity.”

“We didn’t talk about it with anyone because it was kind of this insulated little thing,” said Stewart via HuffPost.

“I wanted to listen to all the music that he f**king listened to, and kind of absorb all of his interests and his stuff. I wanted to be better, smarter, cooler, but couldn’t even hang with him.”

In a clip from Love, Antosha, The Twilight Saga actress admitted that her secret boyfriend sort of “shaped her” into the person she is today.

Anton Yelchin joins Chris Evans and Kristen Stewart for the "Fierce People"

Besides talking about his relationship with Stewart, the commemorative documentary honoring Anton made a wide sweep about his short, but meaningful life that showed he was almost super human.

“Yelchin appeared in 69 projects, including critically acclaimed films such as Green Room and Thoroughbreds,” producer Drake Doremus, who directed him in Like Crazy, told HuffPost. “He was not afraid to fail.”

The source added that because of this trait, always unpredictable Stewart was likely “attracted to him.”

“It’s just so amazing that she opened up and told the truth. She’s so special and cool to have done that,” Doremus said.

Even though Kristen Stewart is permanently separated from Anton Yelchin, she has her memories. And now, so does the movie-going public thanks to Love, Antosha.

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