‘Big Brother’ Evictee Sam Smith Picks Who He Wants To Win It All

Sam Smith is the most recent casualty on Big Brother Season 21 after he became the fifth evicted houseguest of the season. While it looked like Sam was going to pull off one of the biggest last-minute switches in the show’s history, it ultimately went flat when things exploded in the house just before the eviction. Sam ended up being sent home the week after his friend, Bella Wang. There are only a few people left in the house the truck driver is currently cheering for.

After being evicted, Sam chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the blowout in the house, and also discussed who he wanted to take home the $500,000 this season.

“Of course, I want Nick to win. He’s my boy in the house. However, I really hope Nicole continues to get through this game. I love Nicole. She’s like a little quiet church mouse, but she’s tried to make moves before and she almost got away with it if it didn’t all blow up in her face. She even recovered from that, and I’d like to see her keep getting through and then make it right to the end. I would love to see her because I’m going to root for the underdog. If not Nicole, Cliff would be runner-up.”

It’s not surprising that Sam is hoping his buddy Nick wins, as the two have been remarkably close all season long despite not always being in the same alliance. Sam was added on to the Gr8ful alliance and became a part of Unde9able, only because Jack Matthews spilled the beans about the mega eight-person pact by accident.

Nick may not make it too long in the game since he has ruffled feathers on both sides of the house. He was booted from Gr8ful alongside Bella, when the Six Shooters assembled, leaving the showmance with no one to cling to. Now, Nick is snuggling up to the outsiders, like Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg, but he’s not solidified an alliance with them at this point. If he teams up with some of his old Gr8ful pals, it would put him at the bottom of their totem pole.

Nicole and Cliff are also good choices to win on Sam’s part, as they are some of the favorite houseguests of the viewers. Fans were ecstatic when Cliff nominated Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews in Week 4, even though neither of the men was sent home. Nicole has been a favorite all season long since she has not joined in any mob mentality and was one of the only friends to Kemi Fakunle in the house.

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Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night on CBS.

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