‘Big Brother’ 21 Week 6 Spoilers: Christie Murphy Refuses To Use Her Power

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

Christie Murphy holds the last Whacktivity Power in the house after Ovi Kabri’s became null when he was evicted and after Jack Matthews used his in Week 4. Christie’s victory of the Panic Power competition earned her the Diamond Power of Veto. The power is applicable to whoever wins the normal POV for the week. Christie can grant the power to the POV winner (or herself if she wins the competition), which will allow them to remove a nominee from the block and choose who goes up as a replacement. This takes the replacement power away from the week’s Head of Household (HOH) and could thwart any backdoor plans.

According to Big Brother Daily, Christie is refusing to use her power for another week. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, Christie was not chosen to play in the Week 6 POV competition. This means she can only grant her Diamond POV to whoever wins the competition, solidifying that she will not be in control of her own power. Giving the POV winner her power could also backfire, and a member of her crumbling Six Shooter alliance could be put up without her knowing.

“For me to get a half a house of blood on my hands to switch a nom is not worth it. I am sure that everyone can understand that it’s a lot,” Christie said earlier today to Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera.

Jack is currently sitting on the block, and even though he is one of Christie’s ride-or-dies, she’s still swearing she will not use her power to strengthen his chances of staying. She has sworn to Jessica that she will honor her nominees for the week, and will not shake things up with the Diamond POV.

Another point Christie has made is that using her power could lower the chances of Jackson going home this week. Christie is certain that Jackson will go home over Jack, and putting a different houseguest up in Jack’s spot could be risky.

“I’m not putting a half a house of blood on my hands. I would love to do that but Jackson hates me. Chances of me wanting to keep him are slim,” Christie also admitted according to Big Brother Daily’s Twitter account.

At this time, Jessica is still nervous Christie might be lying and will use her power when the Veto ceremony arrives. What Jessica does not see is that Christie is telling her own alliance members that she does not want to use it, and appears to be keeping her word to Jessica.

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