‘B&B’ Recap For Friday, August 2: Liam Tells Hope That Phoebe Is Beth

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, August 2 features Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) who talked to her nephew. She told him that he needed to stop saying that Phoebe was Beth. Unperturbed, Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) asked his aunt to show him how to call his dad. She obliged and he told her that he loved her. Steffy told Douglas that she loved him too. Later, Ridge arrived and Steffy told her father about Douglas’s allegations.

At the beach house, Florence Fulton (Katrina Bowden) made a full confession. Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) could not believe his ears as Flo admitted to never having given birth. She told them that she had tried to help her friend, per She Knows Soaps. Initially, she had thought that she was facilitating the adoption for a celebrity or someone who wanted to keep the birth quiet. Only afterward did she find out that Dr. Reese Buckingham had handed Hope and Liam a stillborn baby.

Liam wanted to know why Dr. Buckingham had sold his baby. Flo explained that Reese owed money for gambling debts that he had racked up. She explained that he was afraid that the goons would hurt Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) as they had threatened her life.

Flo told Liam that she had also been threatened and had wanted to tell them countless times. She said that Thomas had warned her that what had happened to Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) would happen to her. She went on to list the people who knew the secret as Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards), Xander Avant (Matthew Atkinson), Zoe, Emma, and Thomas.

At the hotel suite, Thomas tried to kiss Hope passionately. However, Hope pushed him away. Thomas then had to answer his phone. Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) let him know that Liam and Steffy were not as mean as him. He also told his father that he had told Liam the truth. Thomas disconnected and called Steffy, who asked him why he had told Douglas that Phoebe was Beth. She also mentioned that Liam was on his way to see Flo. Thomas immediately told Hope to change her clothes, and that they were leaving.

While Hope got dressed, Thomas made arrangements for a helicopter to pick them up from the Forrester Creations’ helipad. He also called Flo, who put him on speakerphone. He warned her not to say anything to Liam when he got there. Liam immediately left for Forrester Creations.

At the fashion house, Liam locked the door behind him and Hope. He then told Hope that they had been lied to. As Thomas pounded on the door, Liam told his ex-wife that their daughter was alive. He related the full story and told her that Flo had confessed.

“They stole from us. They sold her like she was a piece of furniture.”

Liam said that Steffy had not known that “Phoebe’s mother is you!” Hope reeled as she reveled in the knowledge that her daughter was alive.

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