WWE News: NXT Superstar Wants To Be In ‘SummerSlam’ Match That Hasn’t Even Been Announced Yet

As of this writing, WWE has Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz penciled in as one of the matches for next weekend’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. While it seems as if that match is going to happen, The Inquisitr reported that WWE is putting one over on the fans and will actually have Ziggler taking on a returning Goldberg. Now, there is an NXT superstar who actually wants in on that action and the match hasn’t even been made official as of this time.

The idea that Goldberg is returning to WWE for another match is simply a rumor as of this point and not confirmed at all. WWE hasn’t said anything about him coming back after the highly criticized match against The Undertaker at Super ShowDown earlier this summer, but anything is possible.

Ziggler has name-dropped Goldberg recently on WWE television while also talking down to numerous legends and attacking Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. There is a lot of speculation, but only time will tell if Goldberg is coming back to stand up against Ziggler and his insults.

Meanwhile, Wrestling Inc. noticed that NXT superstar Matt Riddle is at it again and is calling out Goldberg on social media. The “King of Bros” took to Instagram to post a pic of the rumored Goldberg vs. Ziggler match at SummerSlam and he says he wants in on it.

Yes, Matt Riddle is ready to step into the ring with Goldberg and Ziggler and turn the rumored match into a Triple Threat. It’s hard to deny, but that match would most certainly be highly anticipated if it was added to the card for SummerSlam next week.

Even before signing with WWE and making his NXT debut, Riddle has had some negative things to say about Bill Goldberg. It appears as if he’s never liked the former World Champion and simply has issues with Goldberg feeling as if he belongs in the world of professional wrestling.

Earlier this summer, there had been speculation that WWE was actually upset with Riddle for the comments he made toward Goldberg on social media.

Reports came out to squash that, but the de-push of Riddle brought them back up once again. The Inquisitr reported that Riddle didn’t lose his push for disciplinary reasons but due to NXT wanting to keep him from rising up the ranks too quickly and becoming champion too soon.

The current card for SummerSlam still has Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz officially listed, but that could all change in the coming days. It is highly possible that the change happens, but it would be surprising if WWE ends up throwing Matt Riddle into the mix as well.

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