Danube Hermosillo Joins ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Cast

Both Shanola Hampton and Emma Kenney – who play the roles of Veronica Fisher and Debbie Gallagher in the Showtime series Shameless – have been very generous to fans during the Season 10 production.

While Season 10 has no release date as of yet, and fans aren’t even sure how many episodes the new season will consist of, that hasn’t stopped both actresses from taking to both of their Instagram profiles and their Instagram Stories to shower their massive followings with fun video clips and snapshots of themselves and their fellow cast members while on set.

Hampton, for example, sent fans into a frenzy last week when she exposed her on-screen husband, Steve Howey, for using her phone to take selfies of himself by sharing a somewhat embarrassing snapshot on her profile. Continuing her fan service, Shanola has also sent fans swooning on her Instagram Stories by sharing several fun video clips of several cast members, including Noel Fisher.

In the past 24 hours, Emma Kenney has taken to her Instagram stories to reveal a new cast member joining the Shameless family for Season 10.

Kenney’s Instagram Stories consisted of two snapshots of herself standing with 26-year-old actress Danube Hermosillo. According to the second photo, Emma and Danube worked together just a few months ago during the production of a romantic comedy called Back to Lyla. Kenney penned that she loved Hermosillo and was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her again on the set of Shameless.

Danube took to her own Instagram profile yesterday to document her reunion with Kenney. In the caption of her post containing two snapshots, the young actress revealed that it was her first day on the set of Shameless. She also gushed about being excited for her fans to watch her performance in the hit series.

Accumulating over 1,500 likes and a few dozen comments, the snapshot sent her fans into a frenzy, as they were thrilled to learn she would have an appearance in Season 10 of Shameless. Many congratulated the actress on landing a role in such a popular show.

Unfortunately, fans of the Showtime series will be left to theorize about what her role in Shameless is, as well as her connection to the Gallagher family.

Given their closeness in age and Emma’s character experimenting with dating the same gender, it is possible Danube’s character enters the cast as a love interest for Debbie. She, however, could also just be entering the cast as a new friend for Emma’s character to hang out with.

Only time will tell what type of role Danube has in Shameless, and whether she will be a reoccurring character.

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