‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: The Week 5 Eviction Plan Seems Set And A Key Alliance Appears To Implode

Thursday night’s live episode of Big Brother 21 brings another eviction, and it looks like there won’t be any surprises coming with this one. The two nominated houseguests have a pretty solid sense of how the BB21 house will vote, but spoilers tease that things may get a lot crazier heading into Week 6.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Nick Maccarone won the Power of Veto and was able to pull himself off the nomination block. Christie Murphy held onto her power and Head of Household Holly Allen decided to put Kathryn Dunn up as a pawn against Sam Smith.

According to the latest spoilers from Big Brother Network, there was a lot of talk among the houseguests throughout the day and evening on Wednesday, and this left Holly wishing she had made a different decision with her renomination. Once the nominations were set after Monday’s POV ceremony, Sam knew he was in trouble and he decided to shake things up as much as he could before the votes.

Sam decided to tell Jackson Michie all about how Christie had been willing to work with last week’s HOH in terms of booting either Jackson or Jack Matthews if it meant she stayed off the block. Things shifted once Jackson won the POV, and she coordinated with Cliff Hogg III to make Nick Maccarone and Sam look bad.

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Jackson was quite unhappy about all of this and he quickly filled Holly in on what he’d learned. BBN details that this led Holly to wish she’d known this before she put Kathryn on the block next to Sam, but it was too late. In retrospect, she wishes she could have put Nicole Anthony up instead and kept both Kathryn and Sam safe by targeting Nicole.

Jackson also talked with Jack about all of this, but Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds revealed that Jack wasn’t necessarily buying what Sam had shared. It didn’t take long for Jack to connect with Sis Talavera and Tommy Bracco about some of this, despite Jackson urging him to keep those two out of the loop for now.

The bottom line is that at least at the moment, the Six Shooters alliance is on shaky ground. Jackson wants to target Christie if he wins the next Head of Household, but it would be a stretch to think he’s got the rest of the Six Shooters ready to agree to this.

Sam’s decision to tell Jackson everything he did has shaken things up in the BB21 house, but it doesn’t look as if it’s going to save him from eviction. Unless a big shift comes just ahead of Thursday’s vote, Sam will be headed out the door, and everybody will be scrambling to win the Week 6 Head of Household competition to maintain control of the game.

Nick certainly still has a target on his back heading into Week 6. However, some fans might now wonder if he will be able to fly under the radar as other houseguests get antsy about targeting one another. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 21 spoilers as the competition shifts into a new phase to see how things seem to shake out.

Update: There may be a blindside on the way after all! Over the last couple of hours, Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have revealed that there may be a vote flip, but both the BB21 viewers and houseguests may be left hanging until the moment the votes are revealed.

As Twitter user @rbbq details, Tommy and Jack have been considering their options. They may pull in Christie, Nicole, and Sis to vote together and vote out Kat instead of Sam.

There’s been buzz throughout the house that Kat and Holly knew one another before the show and this is feeding into the idea that it’d be wise to split the two of them while they can. Big Brother spoilers reveal that the feeds went dark in anticipation of the live show, but the potential flip and blindside was still very much a possibility as that happened.

Will Kat end up evicted instead of Sam? If that happens, viewers can expect things to get pretty wild in the house over the next few days.

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