Miranda Lambert Reportedly Trying To Avoid Mistakes She Made With Blake Shelton In New Marriage

Miranda Lambert is reportedly focused on keeping her second marriage to Brendan McLoughlin as happy and healthy as possible after her first marriage to Blake Shelton had a messy ending.

According to Hollywood Life, Miranda is said to have learned some big lessons from her divorce from Blake, and she plans on using those lessons and learning from her mistakes when it comes to her marriage to Brendan.

The source reveals that Brendan has no problem taking time off from his job as a New York City police officer to join his wife on tour. He’s said to be proud of his wife, and feels lucky to spend the time with her.

“Miranda never pressures Brendan to do anything. He jumped at the chance to go on tour with her. It’s a huge relief to Miranda that Brendan is able to travel with her, because that way they don’t have to spend time apart and deal with all the issues that come from that. Miranda wholeheartedly believes married couples should be together as much as possible. A lot of the issues in her last marriage stemmed from having to spend so much time apart. It creates unnecessary stress,” the insider told the outlet.

The source goes on to reveal that Miranda and Brendan are madly in love with each other and love spending as much time together as they possibly can.

They’ve reportedly been enjoying their first summer as a married couple, and even though Miranda works very hard, she allegedly always makes sure she has plenty of time to spend with Brendan.

It also allegedly doesn’t bother Miranda to have Brendan leave his job, as she’s said to love being the breadwinner in the family. This way she can have things on her own schedule since she lives such a busy and hectic lifestyle.

The source says that the country music superstar would like to make their situation permanent, with Brendan leaving his job for good and coming out on tour with her, and he’s allegedly starting to warm up to the idea of traveling the globe with his wife.

Miranda and Brendan announced their marriage earlier this year, shocking fans who didn’t even know that the pair had been dating. Before that, Miranda had been linked to singer Evan Felker.

Fans can see more of Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin’s relationship by following the singer on social media.

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