Meghan King Edmonds Shares First Post-Cheating Scandal Photo With Husband Jim, Reacts To Criticism

Meghan King Edmonds is fighting for her marriage and determined to make things work with husband Jim, even after his shocking text message scandal.

Following the public betrayal, Edmonds has been focusing on improving her relationship as she attempts to tend to the many demands of her three children, including her 14-month-old son Hart, who was recently diagnosed with irreversible brain damage.

Unfortunately, not everyone is impressed with her decision to put up a united front.

“You look like an idiot trying to make it look like everything is going well with your family. Be true to yourself and have the courage to say things are not ok,” one person wrote after seeing that she had shared a new photo on Instagram that featured herself, Jim, and the kids.

Edmonds shared her latest photo after paying Jim a visit at work and after seeing what her critic had written, she didn’t hesitate to fire back at the woman.

“After my soul-bearing blog you have the gall to say this? Shame on you!” Edmonds wrote. “I am committed to making my marriage work with the man I love for us and the family we’ve created. I’ve never hidden that the struggle is real. But you know what’s harder? Making it work. Walking away is easy. And you’re the idiot for suggesting otherwise.”

After Jim denied having a physical relationship with the women he sent a number of inappropriate text messages and videos to, Edmonds opened up about the betrayal in a blog post titled “I’m Sad” and admitted that she learned what her husband had done in the tabloids. She then said that after confronting Jim about the lewd things he sent to the other woman, he came clean and admitted to paying the woman off in hopes of keeping her silent about their interaction.

“I wanted a solid marriage. I’m as loyal as they come and I wanted the vows we made when we exchanged our rings to be acted upon,” she wrote.

According to Edmonds, she did nothing to deserve such treatment, especially at the time the betrayal occurred. As she explained, as her husband was sending nasty things to his text message mistress, she was concentrating on her pregnancy and keeping her twins healthy ahead of her due date.

Edmonds married Jim in September 2014 and welcomed her first child with him, daughter Aspen, in 2016. Then, in 2018, the couple welcomed their twin sons, Hart and Hayes.

The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres next Tuesday, August 6 at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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