Wendy Williams’ Show Reportedly In Jeopardy Of Being Canceled

Wendy Williams is reportedly in jeopardy of losing her talk show after a very tough year in her personal life.

According to Page Six, sources are claiming that the staffers at The Wendy Williams Show are all scrambling to secretly look for jobs behind Wendy’s back, as they are scared they may be unemployed after next season.

The report claims that Wendy and the gang still have one more season, Season 11, on contract. However, there are rumors circulating that after the season is over, the show could get canceled.

During Season 10 of the show, it was a wild ride. Williams went through the wringer in her personal life, missing time because of her health issues and her fractured shoulder.

She also announced that she had been staying in a sober living facility to deal with some substance abuse issues, and later divorced her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., who was a producer on the show, after months of rumored infidelity.

“They are all well aware that all they have is Season 11 left, that’s guaranteed, but until [production company] Debmar-Mercury announces that they are renewing additional seasons beyond the next season, some staff have begun searching for jobs,” an insider told the outlet.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy Williams broke down in tears while filming the Season 10 finale of her show this week.

The TV personality opened up about what a rough year it has been for her, and thanked all of her fans for supporting her through it all, revealing that many times the talk show had been her escape from the hurt and pain, as well as her safe place.

“I appreciate doing this show because it’s my one hour where I get to be fun and forget about stuff,” she said through tears. “You see me pass out the season, you’ve read in tabloids and the Paparazzi and all that. But through it all, my one joy — aside from my son and my family — is you.”

Meanwhile, The Inquisitr also reports that Williams does have other irons in the fire. She has a clothing line and is currently working on producing a Lifetime original movie about her own life, which is set to begin production later this year.

The movie will reportedly reveal some of Wendy’s secrets, as well as the ups-and-downs of her career.

Fans can see more of Wendy Williams by following her on Instagram.

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