WWE Rumors: Paul Heyman Has Already Made Major Backstage Changes To ‘Monday Night Raw’

When WWE announced that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were taking over as executive directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, fans were shocked. After the shock wore off, the fans were excited as they knew that big things were going to happen for the red and blue brands. After having been in the position for only a short period of time, Heyman has already made some major backstage changes to Raw and they’ve been felt.

Over the last few weeks, many fans may have noticed that WWE was doing some strange things on both of their big shows. There were numerous elimination-style matches and two-out-of-three fall matches which usually only happened sparingly throughout the year.

These changes were made to WWE’s weekly TV shows in order to keep wrestling action from happening during commercial breaks. It had been said that Vince McMahon believed WWE was on the same level as professional sports such as NFL, NBA, and MLB in that action didn’t happen while people at home weren’t watching.

With professional wrestling, that has happened to make things kind of awkward at times and even more so for those watching from the seats in the arena. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., all of that has changed again, and it is due to Heyman.

Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are now in charge of WWE"s flagship shows.

Both Heyman (Raw) and Bischoff (SmackDown) still have to answer to Vince, but they have a lot of power for their brands. The first big noticeable sign of this was Heyman’s presence on and with Raw this week as he has already rid WWE of a new change that was bringing about a problem.

On this week’s Raw, in-ring action during commercial breaks resumed, which is a change brought about by Heyman. He has taken away the recent rule change which stopped all action during commercials that made things long and boring for fans in attendance.

By getting rid of that new rule, Heyman did away with the constant interference run-ins, elimination matches, and two-out-of-three fall bouts. No longer will there be the repeated gimmick matches and other things used to prolong breaks in the action.

Vince McMahon is still going to be involved in the writing of both shows, but he did not do much with this week’s Monday Night Raw. It is being said that this week’s episode was primarily booked by Paul Heyman as he is taking over full power of the brand and show. This past episode had the most influence by Heyman since he took his new position, and soon, the same will be said for Eric Bischoff and SmackDown Live.

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