Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Sharon Goes To The Dark Side

Shocking new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that after Nick’s ultimatum between Adam and everybody else, Sharon makes her choice — Adam.

Sharon (Sharon Case) wanted to get back together with Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) after their umpteenth fight about Adam (Mark Grossman). Plus, Adam hoped to reunite with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), and he even offered to trade custody of Christian to Nick (Joshua Morrow) if Chelsea would stay with him at his penthouse. Instead, Rey broke things off with Sharon and accused her of using him to hide her feelings for Adam. As for Chelsea, she felt guilty, but she chose herself instead of making a trade, as Adam suggested. For now, Chelsea is living at Nick’s, and their feelings seem to be coming to the surface again.

Nick is convinced that he is the best father for Christian while Adam is sure he is the one who should raise the boy. The two brothers have clashed before, but soon it gets physical between them, and Sharon happens to walk in to witness Nick punching Adam. Sharon takes Adam back to his house and helps him patch up his face.

“Sharon cares very much about Rey, but her complicated history and attraction to Adam is something that is very difficult for her to ignore,” Y&R head writer Josh Griffith told Soap Opera Digest. “Adam’s relationships with Chelsea and Sharon are very different. He cares about both women very deeply, and his feelings for one don’t minimize his feelings for the other. Sharon, outside of Chelsea, is the one person who can see the good in Adam and him the benefit of the doubt.”

A flame ignites between Sharon and Adam, and since they are both technically free, they act on those feelings and sleep together. Sure, Sharon is fresh off a relationship with Rey, and Adam obviously wants Chelsea and their son Connor back in his life. However, at that moment, Sharon and Adam find solace and enjoyment with each other.

“Sharon is walking a fine lie in the battle between Nick and Adam, and any decision she makes will have consequences,” shared Griffith.

“And now, an explosive chain of events has begun.”

Things will explode in Genoa City when the details of Sharon choosing Adam come to light, and it will affect many people. Nick will feel betrayed, and so will Rey. Chelsea may also find herself feeling hurt over Adam so quickly bedding Sharon. This custody fight will not end without some relationship casualties.

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