Kanye West’s ‘Star Wars’ Domes Spark Cult Comments, Fans Smell Scientology

Kanye West is back in the news. As the Daily Mail reports today, the rapper has commenced construction of dome structured “community housing” on his 300-acre property in Calabasas, California. The newspaper dubbed the futuristic circular structures as Star Wars-like.

Photos that may well be prototypes were shared by the newspaper alongside a report that West is hoping to “break barriers that separate classes…namely the rich, the middle class, and the poor” by completing the project. Likewise quoted were the 42-year-old’s hopes that the domes would be used to “house the homeless.”

Fans have been leaving their thoughts over in the Daily Mail‘s comments section. It looks like reactions to the Ye rapper and his plans have been mixed.

“Welcome to Kult Kanye,” a fan wrote, with over 800 users upvoting the comment.

“It’s for the kult he’s creating. A new Scientology thing,” another fan wrote, with over 570 individuals agreeing.

“Kanyetology!” a user wittily replied, although the comment could be seen as hurtful.

“hmm quite cultish…!” wrote another user, racking up over 430 upvotes.

Remarks pertaining to any form of cult or Scientology likely center around the buzz that Kanye has caused over the years – and more recently – with his controversial views and weekly “Sunday Service” worship events.

Earlier this year, People reported that Kanye was possibly considering starting his own church. Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will know that plans surrounding the weekly worship have been discussed by Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian – Kim appeared supportive of her husband’s philosophies on the E! show’s 16th season. The rapper himself is a religious Christian, as are the Kardashian-Jenners in general.

Not all comments left to today’s report from the Daily Mail accused the Yeezy founder of forming a cult, though. The most upvoted response slammed West for his high-priced footwear and clothing line with words that seemed to be throwing out accusations of hypocrisy.

Sadly for Kanye, the most upvoted responses mostly expressed negative opinions. The rapper’s mental health issues were also mentioned – Kanye suffers from bipolar disorder.

More supportive comments were left, although these received few upvotes.

“Kanye is a thoughtful, gentle creator with a big heart. The world is a more interesting place with him in it. Peace out,” one fan wrote.

Kanye seems to be one celebrity who has left the public divided. While his Twitter rants and interviews often see him ridiculed — and fans would likely argue that the backlash he faces can be unfair — other elements of the star paint him in a better light. His record sales and Yeezy revenues are through the roof. Many fans are also proud of Kanye for being a father of four.

Clearly, though, the domes have encouraged fans to express some interesting opinions.

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