Jamie Lynn Spears Sleeps Through ‘Zoey 101’ Reunion Amid Reboot Rumors

Rumors of a Zoey 101 reboot have been flying for a while now. As The Inquisitr reported last week, Jamie Lynn Spears recently addressed the rumors by taking to Instagram to tell Nickelodeon to “call her people.”

Paul Butcher – who played the role of Spears’ on-screen little brother Dustin – also took to social media to call attention to the rumors. Butcher even added “Dustin 102” as the hashtag on several of his tweets.

Jamie took to her Instagram account yesterday to share a video that only added more fuel to the reboot rumors. The video featured several members of the core Zoey 101 cast leaving Spears a message.

According to the caption of the video clip, the Zoey 101 cast recently enjoyed each other’s company during a reunion. Jamie revealed that not only did she have to miss out on the meeting, but she also missed out on the FaceTime session when her castmates tried to call her because she fell asleep.

The fun video featured her former cast members saying hello and wishing her well. Just when viewers thought the video was going to conclude, everyone broke out into song singing the opening song from the Zoey 101 intro.

Christopher Massey jested that the group would “work on their vocals” before they continued to belt out the entire song. The group was all smiles as they danced, sung, and appeared to be enjoying each other’s company.

In full transparency, the Instagram post included the video as well as a screenshot of Jamie’s FaceTime call history as she revealed she’d missed multiple calls from Massey during the reunion because she was sleeping.

With rumors a Zoey 101 reboot was a possibility, the reunion video following shortly after Spears suggested she was open to participating sent fans of the Nickelodeon series into a frenzy. With an Instagram following of 1.6 million, the video quickly accumulated over 188,000 likes and just shy of 4,000 comments.

The comments featured a mixture of those gushing over how excited the video made them and those admitting the reunion video only made a reboot seem more likely.

“I THINK ZOEY 101 REBOOT IS REAL,” one follower penned as they tagged several of their Instagram friends.

Another chimed in, “I need a Zoey 101 movie on Nick.”

Many followers admitted the video made them cry tears of joy as they “loved” seeing the Zoey 101 cast together again. Some even jested that they were super jealous of Jamie because they wanted Massey to FaceTime with them.

While rumors of the reboot continue to swirl, nothing has been confirmed.

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