Here’s Why Kyle Richards Broke Down In Tears During ‘RHOBH’ Reunion

Kyle Richards became visibly emotional during the latest installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 reunion as she reflected on her broken friendship with former co-star Lisa Vanderpump. The reality star broke down in tears on the show, which aired on Bravo on July 30, as she reflected on her long friendship with the British restaurateur, tearing up as she discussed their pretty nasty falling-out.

Per a report from Hollywood Life, Kyle repeatedly dabbed away tears on the reunion show after reunion host and Real Housewives creator Andy Cohen shared an almost five-minute-long montage of some of their best moments together over the years.

He then asked Richards how seeing her happy moments with Vanderpump made her feel now that the duo are no longer on good terms.

“It’s sad to me. It’s just sad to me. It’s sad that she’s not here,” Kyle said, noting that Lisa opted to skip the reunion after dramatically leaving the Bravo reality show earlier this year amid a whole lot of drama with her fellow co-stars.

Lisa had previously appeared on every single season of the series to date, alongside Kyle, since it first began in 2010.

Richards, who is aunt to Paris Hilton, then revealed that many of RHOBH’s loyal fans still want to see the twosome reconcile and often send her pictures of the twosome together despite their friendship breakup.

“People tweet me pictures all the time, and every time I see something like that, where I’m joking and laughing [with her], it makes me sad,” she said while dabbing away tears with a tissue.

“I paid the ultimate price by being honest. And I’ve thought about, [what if] if I hadn’t gone to her house, and not told her, and then she would have seen us sitting there — how would that have played out?” Kyle then continued, referring to all the drama that stemmed from her being honest about a tabloid story regarding Lisa.

She continued of Lisa missing the season reunion, “It’s sad to think how [Lisa’s] feeling right now. This must be a weird day for her.”

Though it’s not clear if Richards and Vanderpump will ever be able to reconcile their once very close friendship, the reality star did add during the reunion episode that she thinks her former friend does have “a lot of amazing qualities.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star then added, “you take the good and the bad with your friends, and that’s a side of her that I accepted.”

The duo had a very rocky time during filming for Season 9 of the reality show, much of which stemmed from the drama now known as Puppy Gate involving Vanderpump Dogs.

RHOBH cast member Dorit Kemsley was infamously accused of adopting a dog from Vanderpump’s shelter and then taking it back to a local animal shelter rather than back to where the dog came from.

As People reported in April, the issue caused a whole lot of drama which spiraled into former best friends Lisa and Kyle getting into an explosive fight as the cameras rolled after Vanderpump was then accused of allegedly leaking stories to the press about the issue in order to make her shelter look good.

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