Here’s Why ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Thinks A Reunion With Tyler Cameron Is A Real Possibility

Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette wrapped up Tuesday night with a finale filled with bombshells. Spoilers had been floating around detailing much of what played out, but there was one little surprise twist at the end of the episode. Hannah asked runner-up Tyler Cameron if he’d be open to spending some time together and she admitted her feelings for him never fully faded. Now she’s explaining why she doesn’t think it’s a stretch to think a reunion might work.

For this week’s People cover story, The Bachelorette star opened up about how things imploded with Jed Wyatt, the man who received her final rose. Hannah also talked about how truly conflicted she was in making a final decision between Jed and Tyler right up until those final moments.

Because Hannah and Jed’s engagement is over, The Bachelorette star can perhaps be a bit more honest about how much she struggled to choose between her last two men compared to leads from previous seasons. She doesn’t need to try to protect Jed’s feelings at this point by trying to claim she wasn’t all that torn at the end.

In this case, The Bachelorette says she truly loved both men.

“I wanted to be 100 percent sure, but I don’t think I ever was… I was immediately attracted to Tyler, but I didn’t take it seriously at first. I was so scared to get hurt by him… I felt like I did a disservice because I hadn’t allowed myself that time to be ready to be engaged to Tyler.”

Heading into Tuesday’s finale episode, there had been some buzz that Hannah struggled to choose between her head and her heart. The Brown family had felt pretty strongly that Tyler was the better fit over Jed, but The Bachelorette star ultimately went with what seemed like the logical choice rather than take what felt like a risk.

“[Tyler] was the scary choice, and Jed was more familiar. In that moment, [choosing Jed] felt like the safest, best decision I could make.”

Hannah even admitted there was a brief second as Jed proposed and showed her the engagement ring where she hesitated and doubted herself. As The Bachelorette viewers saw, she accepted and was initially happy, but things quickly began to disintegrate.

Brown explains that her mindset when Wyatt proposed was that her “heart was broken in four pieces, and Jed had the biggest piece.”

As Hannah came face to face with Tyler for the first time since their split in Greece, it was clear she still was intensely attracted to him and had strong feelings. Viewers didn’t get to see much of a reaction from Tyler’s perspective to all of this, but a lot of Bachelorette fans had been hoping these two might give their romance another shot.

In her interview Wednesday with Good Morning America, it seems that Hannah tried to be cautious and keep everybody’s expectations moderate. She said her feelings were always real for Tyler and never fully stopped, and that she’d like the chance now to just hang out and see what happens.

The Bachelorette star hesitated to even use the term “date,” as it seems she wants to simply spend some time with Tyler and see if it’s possible to develop something more serious. Could Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron end up fully reuniting and give this wild season a happy ending after all? Fans will certainly be curious to see where all of this heads to next.

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