Two Of Kailyn Lowry’s Exes Reportedly Not Filming For ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Hawaii Vacation Drama Revealed

Kailyn Lowry and her ex Jo Rivera have typically gotten along relatively well, but according to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the two are not getting along and Jo is reportedly not filming for Season 9B of the hit reality show Teen Mom 2. Not only that, but another one of Kailyn’s exes are not filming for the new season, either.

According to the report, neither Rivera nor Javi Marroquin is filming for Season 9B of the show. A production source explained the situation to The Ashley.

“Jo will not film for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and, actually, Javi [Marroquin] isn’t filming either. Jo isn’t filming by choice, due to all of this conflict with Kail, and Javi is not filming because he doesn’t want his new business [a CrossFit gym] to be associated with the show.”

Javi and Kail share a son together and were married before divorcing in 2017. It doesn’t appear that there is any drama between the two, but the same can not be said for Kail and Jo who, in the past, have gotten along quite well. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kailyn recently took a vacation with all three of her kids to Hawaii along with Leah Messer and her three daughters. However, the mom-of-three revealed that, even though MTV was filming Leah, Kailyn didn’t film any footage.

A behind-the-scenes source explained to The Ashley that Jo Rivera was supposed to have his son that he shares with Kailyn Lowry on the Fourth of July. However, Kailyn took their son to Hawaii even though it was over Jo’s scheduled visitation time. This is reportedly why Kail couldn’t be filmed for Teen Mom 2 while in Hawaii. A behind-the-scenes source explained the situation to The Ashley.

“MTV could not film because legally, because if they did, it would be like they were encouraging Kail to break her custody agreement.”

While in Hawaii, Kailyn shared photos of the vacation to social media, but it looks like that is all fans will see of the trip.

While the cast is reportedly filming for Season 9B of the show, a production source claims that there is “no footage of Jo” for the new season.

“He does not want to deal with Kail or the show anymore,” the source claimed.

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera were introduced to audiences on Kail’s Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. On the show, the couple found out they were expecting a child together. Kailyn did not have much support from her own family and instead, Jo’s family was there for her, even allowing her to move in at one point. Kail and Jo’s relationship did not work out and the two moved on from one another. Over the years, their co-parenting relationship has been up and down, but in recent years, they have been able to get along and co-parent for their son. Kailyn was even in attendance at Jo’s wedding to his wife, Vee Torres.

It is unclear when the new season of Teen Mom 2 will air.

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