Royal Wedding Was Reportedly Threatened By Mohammed Saleh, Calling Himself ‘The Muslim Prince Of Spain’

A Spanish would-be terrorist calling himself “The Muslim Prince Of Spain” allegedly threatened to attack the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to emails released on Tuesday by a Crown Court.

As The Sun reports, the Royal Wedding took place without a hitch, thanks in no small part to the Herculean security efforts of the British armed forces, the British intelligence community, the London police, and everyone else involved in the process.

But if Mohammed Saleh had his way, the event would have seen the entire royal family blown up, with him being responsible. At least, that’s what he allegedly boasted of, in emails he allegedly sent to members of the family.

In an email he allegedly sent to Prince Philip, he said, “We’re at war. Your grandson’s wedding is going to be a blast,” purportedly referring to a bomb blast.

In that same email, he also allegedly said that he was “The Muslim Prince Of Spain,” that he was married to the illegitimate daughter of Spain’s former King, Juan Carlos, and said her name was Marguerita.

“You f*****g stupid British Royal Family.”

He also claimed that his would-be terrorist plot was revenge for the British government purportedly having him arrested, imprisoned, and tortured in the Netherlands.

Authorities used the electronic signatures of the emails and determined that some came from the WiFi signal on a bus, and some came from the WiFi signal at a McDonald’s. Eventually, police tracked him down and he was arrested two days before the wedding.

It’s unlikely that Saleh was far along in his purported preparations to blow up the royal wedding: the only crimes he’s been convicted of are three charges including sending electronic communications with intent to cause distress and anxiety and sending an electronic communication which conveyed a threat. He’s not been charged with any crimes related to possession, manufacture, or delivery of any explosive material or devices.

As to whether or not he was ever arrested by the British government and sent to be tortured in The Netherlands, that appears to be a delusion borne by mental illness. Since his arrest, he’s been detained in a psychiatric treatment facility, and two psychologists testified that he is suffering from a mental disorder. The judge presiding over the case, Robert Brown, agreed that he should be kept there until he is mentally able to return to the community.

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