John & Abbie Duggar’s Latest Pic Looked Like A Pregnancy Announcement To Fans

John and Abbie Duggar are enjoying their time together as husband and wife. They have been married less than a year, but fans are very anxious for them to start a family. However, the reality TV couple seem to be taking their time before they have kids. Recently, they have been doing a little traveling together. Their most recent trip took them to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for their yearly air show, but some fans are focusing more on a potential pregnancy thanks a particular photo that was shared.

On Monday, John and Abbie posted a series of snapshots that they took at the air show over the weekend. John David is a pilot, so he has a huge interest in anything that has to do with flying. He called the event “a pilot’s dream world.” Two of the pictures via Instagram were of planes in formation in the air and another of John standing next to a helicopter, but it was the first photo that drew the most attention. It’s a snap of the lovebirds posing for the camera with huge smiles on their faces.

John is standing behind his wife with his arms around her. It seems like a typical pose for any couple in love, but Duggar fans seem to be convinced that the placement of their hands could very well mean that there is a baby on the way.

One person mentioned that at first glance, they thought that this was a pregnancy announcement. Many agreed. At first appearance, and considering that Duggar baby announcements have been prevalent these past few months, it does look like it could have been the news that fans have been waiting for. Instead, it turned out to be a simple, joyful post about John and Abbie’s love of flying.

Another thing that their followers took notice of is the orange t-shirt that Abbie Duggar is wearing that reads “Love is in the air.” That is the slogan they used last year for their wedding. It’s not known whether that was specially made for her or if they bought it that way, but fans loved it.

The John and Abbie pregnancy rumors have been swirling ever since a post from Jessa Seewald emerged. According to a report by The Hollywood Gossip, she mentioned that there were babies due in the fall and winter. Eagle-eyed fans quickly caught that. They deduced that the remaining four pregnant girls, Anna, Kendra, Lauren, and Joy-Anna — who has since miscarried — are all due in the fall. Who would be having a baby in the winter? Jill Dillard has already said recently that she is not pregnant, so fans have come to the conclusion that it has to be Abbie who is due in the winter.

Of course, it could be that Jessa just considered November to be close enough to wintertime. Until anything official is announced, fans will always be on the lookout for a baby bump to suddenly appear.

You can catch all of the baby excitement in the upcoming season of TLC’s Counting On this fall.

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