WWE Rumors: WWE Getting Rid Of Brand New Rule And Reinforcing The Brand Extension

WWE brought back the brand extension a couple of years ago and decided to make Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live their own entities. Of course, fans may end up seeing that falter and fade out or just go away entirely as the past has indicated. Now, it seems as if WWE is truly wanting to focus on keeping the red brand and blue brand as entirely separate, and they’re willing to get rid of a new rule to do it.

The brand split has been what it has been for a while now, but the line hasn’t been truly clear for months. As reported by The Inquisitr back in May, Vince McMahon introduced the new “Wild Card Rule” which did virtually everything but entirely get rid of the brand extension in WWE.

With that rule, a small number of superstars could jump brands each week and appear on the other brand’s show. It has led to different feuds, new matches, and the brands becoming virtually nonexistent as far as the split has come to be.

According to Brad Shepard of Pro Sports Extra, he has a source in WWE who doesn’t think there is much to the “Wild Card Rule” any longer. As a matter of fact, the company appears to think it is nothing but “bullsh*t.”

With the company not appearing to put much weight into that rule any longer, many superstars feel as if it will be gone soon. According to Sportskeeda, a lot of the talent in WWE believes that the “Wild Card Rule” is “quietly wrapping up” and will be gone after SummerSlam.

The hiring of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the executive directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, respectively, has a lot to do with this. Both of them are looking to direct their own brands in ways that will make them their own entity, and that is what WWE needs.

Even though the “Wild Card Rule” made it easier for superstars to cross brands from one to the other, the stipulations usually weren’t followed. The rules have been constantly broken, and it has simply appeared as if superstars are merely showing up on whatever brand they want whenever they want.

Right now, WWE hasn’t officially said anything about ending the “Wild Card Rule,” but it seems logical and as if it is coming soon. Heyman and Bischoff are now in charge of Raw and SmackDown which has them building the shows in their own ways. The brand extension isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and as a matter of fact, it’s about to be strengthened.

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