Jill Duggar Gets Slammed For Instagram Post On Women’s Rights, Derick Dillard Fires Back

Jill Duggar was happy to share with her fans the amazing time she had over the weekend when she attended an event at the governor’s mansion. The event was celebrating 100 years since women were given the right to vote. That brought about negative online reactions from some people, including a few Duggar fans, who slammed the mom of two. Criticism came from people who were wondering how she could support women’s rights when she herself has no rights in her own home.

Jill shared a few photos on her Instagram depicting her time at the tea, which was hosted at the governor’s mansion. The Duggar daughter was posing in front of the building wearing a red-striped maxi dress for the special occasion. She was invited by a friend, who appeared to be in the photo as well. While many fans were happy she was celebrating women’s rights, there were some who thought it was all “laughable.”

One person wrote, “I had to giggle. The ladies in your family have no rights. The men control you. I do love your family and show but come on!!”

That seems to be the picture that is painted with the Duggar family. They believe that women should be submissive to their husbands. Many people think that means men have total control over everything they do. Jill Duggar didn’t hesitate to hop back on Instagram to let them know they are mistaken. And that is all she said.

The former Counting On star not only got support from her fans but also her husband, Derick Dillard, who couldn’t let his wife get roasted without having his say as well. He clapped back with his own response saying that people are assuming things about his family.

“If you only know our family from a semi-scripted show then you are either assuming things that aren’t there, or believe that all you see is all there is. If Jill felt the Lord leading her to run for governor, I would not only vote for her, but support her in every way a spouse can.”

Many still weren’t totally convinced that what Jill’s husband said was completely true. One comment mentioned that since the Duggar sisters have been “brainwashed” by their dad, Jim Bob Duggar, none of the girls would even think about doing anything but keeping house and raising children.

Another person bluntly asked if Dillard would ever vote for a female president. He claimed that he would. Jill’s post brought out both sides, who either slammed the idea of her talking about women’s rights or reminded critics that they are just living their lives according to the Bible. Fans clapped back that it certainly doesn’t mean they are being controlled by their men.

Although Jill Duggar and her family are no longer a part of TLC, fans can keep updated on their family on both of their Instagram accounts.

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