‘Vikings’: Katheryn Winnick Reveals Lengthy Aging Process For Lagertha In Season 6

While fans are still waiting for news regarding both a trailer and a premiere date for Season 6 of Vikings, Katheryn Winnick recently spoke about her character’s aging process in the final season.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 5 of History Channel’s Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

Previously, many fans have spoken out about how little the female characters age in Vikings. In fact, when Judith (Jennie Jacques) died in Season 5 of Vikings, she looked almost as young as when she did when she first appeared in the historical drama series. Lagertha is another character that appears to be ageless in the TV series. However, Season 5 did see the character’s hair suddenly, and unexpectedly, turn white after the loss of the battle for Kattegat.

However, Katheryn Winnick, who plays the famous shieldmaiden, Lagertha, recently explained that her character will have aged considerably in Season 6 of Vikings. Speaking to ET Canada during the recent San Diego Comic-Con, Winnick described the lengthy procedures it took during filming for season 6 of Vikings in order to become Lagertha.

“They ended up doing latex on the eyes and neck to be able to show the progress age takes. She is a granny now.”

The 41-year-old Vikings star also explained that it took two and a half hours each day in order to complete the makeup and prosthetic work required to age Lagertha. In addition, her character will be seen sporting a facial scar and a limp in Season 6.

As well as aging Lagertha, Winnick teased fans with some new details of her character’s story in Season 6.

“I feel as though it’s a new chapter of her life, she is trying to now redefine who she is as someone who is a grandmother and used to be a queen, and a warrior, and now finding new peace. And redefining her last chapter.”

As previously announced by The Inquisitr, Season 6 of Vikings will be the final season for the History Channel. The show’s creator, Michael Hirst has always seen a six-season arc for the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons. However, Hirst is also in negotiations regarding a spinoff series of Vikings. As yet, there has been no official confirmation about this new series, though.

While Lagertha may be aging dramatically in the final season of Vikings, Winnick did reveal that there will definitely be “one big battle left to come.”

“She is definitely not done fighting yet.”

Vikings will return to History Channel with Season 6. As yet, no premiere date has been announced.

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