‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Neil & Alexis Find Themselves In Some Kind Of ‘Situation’

Dr. Neil Byrne is falling for his client, Alexis Davis. They have had quite a positive response from General Hospital fans that have seen the chemistry between them since he came to Port Charles. The week of July 29 will have these two on screen once again, and it seems that they may just be getting closer than ever.

It doesn’t appear that the writers on General Hospital will be reuniting Alexis with Julian Jerome anytime soon. That leaves the lawyer free to be able to start a new relationship. However, the person that she is starting to have feelings for seems to be off limits for now. Dr. Byrne tried to get Alexis off his mind, but nothing worked. He even tried to drop her from his patient list, but thanks to Kristina, that didn’t work out too well either.

Spoilers from Soap Central have indicated that Neil and Alexis will be getting into some type of sticky situation. What could that possibly be? With Alexis, anything could happen.

Alexis is expected to get some support from someone. No other details were revealed, but it could possibly be Neil. He has supported her in the past few months as he helped deal with Kristina’s cult experience. The therapist will be getting around this week. He will also have dinner with Sonny. Will they be discussing Kristina or Alexis?

Last week, Sonny learned from Robert Scorpio that Shiloh is out on bail. Sonny wasn’t too happy about that. He may want to consult with Neil about that situation since he seems to be an expert in cults.

Neil has his secrets and he has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t want anyone, especially Alexis, to meddle in his business. General Hospital fans are curious to know what his past was like and who his wife and daughter were. There is always a possibility that they are still alive and well. There was a memorial page that Diane Miller had stumbled upon for his daughter. Could that actually be a ruse to keep her safe? There is a reason why Neil doesn’t want anyone to delve into his past.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Neil and Alexis will grow closer during the week of August 5. She has been seeing the doctor for a few sessions now, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. There is a lot of flirting going on though, but mostly on her part. Neil has been trying to keep his feelings intact and to keep it professional between them.

What is this sticky situation that Neil and Alexis will find themselves in? Keep watching General Hospital this week to find out.

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