WWE News: Current ‘Raw’ Superstar Issues Violent Threat At WWE Hall Of Famer

This week’s episode of SmackDown Live is going to welcome back two members of the WWE Hall of Fame, but there may be more on the way. After the Raw Reunion on Monday, some of the legends have stayed in the news and another is keeping herself in the spotlight as well. Alundra Blayze won the WWE 24/7 Championship for a short period of time on Monday and now, a current Raw superstar is threatening her with extreme violence.

After her appearance on Monday Night Raw, Blayze was one of the hot topics due to recreating a famous moment with herself, a title belt, and a trash can. Once the special edition of WWE’s flagship show was over, Lacey Evans took to Twitter to called the legends “yesterday’s nasties.”

Once that happened, Blayze decided to fire back at Evans and ripped her to shreds. Not only did Blayze state that Evans will never be a legend, but she spoke of the Southern Belle failing in the military, living in a portable trailer, and called her “yesterday regurgitated garbage.”

That led to both going back and forth for quite some time before it just seemed to fade out. On Saturday, the Twitter feud started up again and it was Evans who began taking things to a level which was possibly over the line.

It took a mere 10 minutes for the WWE Hall of Famer to catch wind of this tweet, but it didn’t really phase her. Blayze is obviously not scared of Evans and she keeps on fanning the Twitter flames of this feud that may never even come about.

“And then we have this… disgruntled Youngin wanting to continue to ride on the coattails of a Hall of Famer. #letsfight PS how is that wonderful family of yours”

Lacey Evans is currently in storyline limbo as she has doesn’t have a whole lot of direction since her feud with Becky Lynch came to an end. On the flip side of things, Blayze is not an active wrestler, but she was involved in a battle royal at last year’s Evolution pay-per-view.

Could the former WWF/WWE Women’s Champion come back for another match?

As reported by The Inquisitr, Trish Stratus is going to be on this week’s SmackDown Live as a guest of Jerry Lawler on an episode of “King’s Court.” Rumors are swirling that Stratus is going to end up having a match against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam in a bit of a dream match. If WWE can strike a deal with Alundra Blayze for another match, she may come back to “fight” Lacey Evans and make her pay for those threats.

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