Iggy Azalea Wasn’t Happy About The $64 Grilled Cheese Sandwich She Got In Las Vegas

Iggy Azalea is not very happy about the $64 grilled cheese sandwich she got in Las Vegas, so the rapper came up with a plan to get some revenge.

The Australian rapper was in Sin City this weekend to perform at the WNBA All-Star Game and kept her fans updated on all the festivities on Twitter. While most of the weekend seemed to go smoothly (including the good reviews she got from Just Jared for her performance and her new blue hair), the room service in her hotel was apparently very lacking.

Iggy took to Twitter to inform her followers that she paid $54 for a grilled cheese sandwich, and when it arrived she learned there was an extra charge of $10.08 for the knife and fork that came with the meal — even though it was a sandwich she was just picking up to eat.

Needless to say, Iggy wasn’t thrilled about the idea, though later shared a picture of herself eating the sandwich (which at least looked heartier than the average grilled cheese, though it still may not justify the price).

As she munched down on the grilled cheese, Iggy Azalea decided she might just not pay for it at all and would report her card as stolen.

Things didn’t get much better from there. The rapper shared that she at least got a free bucket of ice to go along with the sandwich, but quickly learned that the bucket was empty. The ingenious rapper than decided she would just sell the bucket and recoup some of her costs.

Iggy Azalea has been getting all kinds of attention on Twitter lately, and most of it has been fairly strange. Earlier in the week, before her grilled cheese sandwich adventure, the rapper launched into something of a feud with fictional children’s character Peppa Pig. As The Daily Beast noted, Iggy’s first new album in five years dropped on the same day that the cartoon character was putting out her own album.

Iggy Azalea retweeted Peppa Pig’s album announcement with the comment: “It’s over for me now.”

As The Daily Beast noted, Peppa Pig was quick to respond.

“The official Peppa Pig account clapped back with a GIF of the pig posing in front of a mirror, wearing a crown and a fuchsia frock. The shady caption borrows lyrics from Azalea’s first hit song, ‘Fancy:’ ‘Peppa’s so fancy, you already know.’ “

It’s not clear yet if Iggy Azalea ever recouped the $64 she spent on a grilled cheese sandwich this weekend.

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