Tyler Cameron Offers Words Of Kindness To Luke Parker

If you watched last week’s episode of The Bachelorette, you saw controversial figure Luke Parker’s reputation being ripped to shreds in front of a live audience. After the footage that aired prior to the “Men Tell All” episode, it wasn’t a surprise that many people had it out for Parker. Hannah Brown sent Parker home during the fantasy suite date episode after he made a comment saying that if she had slept with another man, he’d no longer be interested in her.

This remark wasn’t taken well by Brown, the other men, or Bachelorette fans across the nation, and social media quickly began going crazy. To make matters worse, Parker returned to the set after being sent home to try to win Hannah back, according to News Flash One.

It wasn’t simply during the end of the season that Parker basically took his status of the season’s villain to the next level. Rather, he’d been the villain since the beginning, angering the rest of the men in the house with his obsessiveness and aggression. At one point, he even had a physical altercation with one of the other men during a rugby match in which he slammed another player to the ground. It is safe to say that Parker didn’t really have any friends in the house.

This fact became all the more clear during the “Men Tell All” episode when the contestants from Brown’s season all took a turn voicing their opinions about them and slamming his character. They called him out on his behavior and essentially offered him little mercy. Parker didn’t make it easier on himself either and failed to apologize for his actions. He even told the show’s host, Chris Harrison, that if he were to do it all again he wouldn’t change a thing.

Thus far, it appears that only fan-favorite Tyler Cameron has been willing to offer Parker any words of kindness or support.

In a private message, Cameron addressed Parker directly. He told him that while he may not agree with him or his actions, he did want the best for him moving forward.

“Luke, we may not agree, nor do we have the same beliefs, but I wish you nothing but success and growth in your future and hope you achieve all that you want to achieve in this world. No one should be condemned forever.”

Luke was grateful for the kind words, writing, “I want nothing but the best for you [too], brother! I appreciate this.”

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