George Michael’s Family Reportedly Might Let His Ex, Fadi Fawaz, Stay In The Pop Singer’s Mansion

The family of late singer George Michael might relent and allow his ex, unemployed hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, to stay in his mansion despite the accusations of squatting and destruction of property.

The latest detail in the saga of the real estate left behind by the Wham! singer, according to the Daily Mail, involves the $5 million Regent’s Park London home now owned by Michael’s sisters. Fawaz was arrested last week for breaking glass in the home and led away from the property in handcuffs.

Now insiders are saying that Michael’s family has not tried to evict Fawaz because they are concerned with what he might publicly say about the late pop star. One source added that nobody is sure what caused the recent erratic behavior, but it wasn’t an eviction.

“No one knows what has caused Fadi’s behavior – but it was not prompted by him being evicted by the estate. George’s family are quite worried about what Fadi might do if they are not seen to look after him.”

Michael’s family reportedly fears that he will do a media interview, or reveal personal information online that they would consider private. Friends say that Fadi is a tough person to predict and it’s hard to know what he will do.

Fawaz, who is Australian, has told friends that he’s concerned that if he’s evicted, he might end up living in a tent because he’s not sure what he’d do about living arrangements.

London police have reported that Fawaz has been released from custody, but he is still under investigation after neighbors called to say that he has been sleeping on the balcony because the house is “uninhabitable.” Others alleged that George Michael’s ex has been living a “nocturnal lifestyle,” only going out after dark and sleeping shirtless on the balcony during the day.

A nearby contractor heard glass breaking from inside of Michael’s Regent’s Park home and alerted authorities.

The Inquisitr reported that Fawaz is still stinging because the singer, who died on Christmas Day in 2016, left him nothing in his will, despite the fact that they had been living together on and off. Friends say that the onetime hairdresser felt as if Michael owed him something for sticking by him, especially through the low times with his substance abuse.

“Fadi was left nothing in the will but seems to think he has a right to the home. He’s effectively squatting and basically says they’ll have to take him out in a coffin.”

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