‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Visits Ryan In Prison, Wants To Be Free Of Him

Ava Jerome hasn’t seen Ryan Chamberlain since she attacked him with a knife. Next week on General Hospital, that’s all about to change. She will come face-to-face with her former lover, and the man who took her daughter’s life. Ava just can’t seem to get any peace in her life because of all the guilt she feels about Kiki’s death and how it all happened. Will her visit with Ryan bring her the peace that she seeks?

In the previews for Monday’s General Hospital, Ava is still trying to bring Kiki back from the grave again with the help of another psychic. She had previously spoken to her daughter through Sibley, who contacted Kiki, but that didn’t go too well. Kiki is apparently still angry with Ava and wants nothing to do with her. Now a new psychic has come along by the name of Chelsea, and according to SheKnows Soaps, Ava will demand to know why she isn’t trying to reach her daughter.

Maybe the psychic experience isn’t the way to go for Ava as she is expected to be paying Ryan Chamberlain a surprise visit at Pentonville. This will be their first time seeing each other since Ava took revenge on him.

According to the print version of Soap Opera Digest, Ryan will be happy to see her. That shows just how twisted he really is. She wants him dead for killing Kiki and she almost got her way when she stabbed him, and yet he is still infatuated with her.

The magazine says that she is there to ask a favor. She and Chelsea may think that Kiki’s soul can only be set free if Ryan expresses remorse for killing her. Ava will have her work cut out for her.

Ava also wants to be free of the serial killer once and for all. However, he will tell her that it’s just not in him to stop loving her and refuses to do that. In fact, he will try to talk her into embracing what he thinks is her true self of being as evil as he is, or almost.

Ryan isn’t expected to cooperate with Ava’s pleas. How will she ever find peace about her unknowingly bringing Ryan Chamberlain into her life and ultimately costing Kiki her life? It’s eating away at her and she is determined to get her daughter to forgive her. However, it looks like she is really needing to forgive herself instead.

Don’t miss General Hospital the week of July 29 to see Ava face off with Ryan.

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