Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Franco Receives A Warning, Could Be Car Accident In His Future

On Friday’s General Hospital, Franco ran into a new character named Chelsea. She is not affiliated with Sibley, but she does run around giving people unexpected messages from the other side. Now poor Franco is more than a little freaked after one particular message rattled him.

Chelsea is being played by actress Jen Ray, according to Soap Central. She is best known in her role as Nancy Donahue on The Middle. Not only is she a huge fan of General Hospital, but she gets to be in her favorite soap as well. She made her debut on Friday as she gave Franco a message from Kiki. She wanted him to know that she was glad that he is happy with his new life and she wanted to tell him congratulations.

This wasn’t his only run-in with a psychic. He also received a message from Sibley saying that he might not feel like himself. Franco asked Chelsea if she could interpret that. She couldn’t, but she did have another message for him. Only this one was more of a warning.

She told him, “Whatever you do, don’t take that drive.”

That had Franco pretty freaked out, especially when Elizabeth mentioned going out for lunch. He is now afraid to get into a car.

These messages suggests that Franco may possibly get into a car accident soon. Will he be racing to a destination that will cause him to lose control and run off the road? There are rumors floating around that he may end up in a coma eventually.

General Hospital spoilers had indicated that Liz and Franco will be facing more challenges, so the pieces would fit that something is about to happen to upset their lives. These two lovebirds are just starting out their lives together as husband and wife. Spoilers also say that Franco and Cameron will be getting a little closer as well.

In typical car accidents on soaps, there is usually someplace urgent that the driver is desperately trying to get to. Or they may have some piece of information that needs to be conveyed, but they get into an accident before they get there.

Franco has been curious about Liesl’s dilemma about being pushed overboard on the Haunted Star. He is also wondering why she would say something to him about Wiley’s father. It’s possible that Franco figures things out. Maybe he will find out who tried to kill Liesl and who Wiley’s father really is. Or he discovers another secret. After all, there are plenty of them in Port Charles. Whatever is the case, Franco’s life could be in jeopardy very soon.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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