Scott Steiner Fires Shots At Vince McMahon And WWE, Claims ‘Hall Of Fame’ Is A ‘Fantasy’

The world of professional wrestling was founded on off-the-wall, colorful characters with impressive physiques and a strong intimidation factor. When it comes to matching all of this criteria, though, few tick all of the essential boxes quite like “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner.

The 56-year-old self-proclaimed “Genetic Freak” is known for cutting outrageous promos that often make no sense, but he’s a popular personality among fans because of his unfiltered personality. This also extends to shoot interviews outside of the ring, where the former WCW wrestler was known for not holding back when it comes to sharing his thoughts.

Recently, Noelle Foley of Ringside Collectibles caught up with Steiner at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con where they discussed his favorite career moments and thoughts on WWE. In true Steiner fashion, he had some interesting things to say.

When asked about a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction, he shot the idea down, claiming that it wasn’t even real and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“I don’t deal in fantasy. I don’t deal in hypotheticals, like where’s the Hall of Fame at? It’s f***ing nowhere. It’s in Vince’s mind, so it’s all bulls***. So f*** that.”

He then goes on to mention that he’s been offered in the past a WWE Legends contract, which allows the old timers to continue working with the company by making guest appearances at shows and serving as ambassadors. After having his lawyer look over the terms and conditions, though, he decided to turn it down.

“It wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. I mean, that’s the biggest crock of s*** that there is. Like most WWE stuff is, you know, it’s all about… it’s great to make a lot of money if you’re Vince [McMahon], but sometimes you gotta stop being a p****, you know what I mean?”

Big Poppa Pump then went on to advise the WWE owner to “spread the wealth” by offering better health insurance to employees.

It’s clear that Steiner’s views on WWE’s top officials haven’t changed since the last time he publicly shared his opinions about them. In an interview with WhatCulture last year, he called Stephanie McMahon a “c***” and described the company’s product as “horrible.”

In the expletive-filled WhatCulture interview, Steiner spoke about feeling creatively stifled during his short tenure in WWE from 2002 until 2004. Despite being a huge star before he joined the company, he wasn’t given any memorable storylines to sink his teeth into.

Furthermore, his World Heavyweight Championship feud with Triple H was poorly received because of the lackluster quality of their matches. There’s no love lost between Steiner and the biggest wrestling company in the world, and judging by his recent comments, he’s not looking to build any bridges.

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