‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Nelle’s Anxious Over Harmony’s Story, But She’s Not Sharing The Truth Yet

It looks like fans have a lot to look forward to with Monday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that Nelle may be tempted to tell Michael the truth about their son Jonah, but she’s not going to be ready to go quite that far yet.

As viewers saw during Friday’s episode, Nelle’s cellmate Harmony opened up about her daughter’s complicated baby situation. Nelle’s ears perked up when she heard Harmony mention Wiley and that the boy had been adopted by two dads, and naturally, she quickly realized that her son Jonah was in the midst of a potentially complicated custody battle.

Nelle asked Harmony a lot of questions, feeling sure that Shiloh certainly couldn’t just swoop in and take the baby away from his adoptive family. Harmony cautioned that he might be successful if he manages to pursue it in court.

Granted, there was no mention of the fact there would need to be a matching DNA test before the court would order any custody change. As fans know, Shiloh will not be a match to the baby boy if a test is done.

Michael showed up to meet with Nelle at Pentonville per her request, and once they sat down, she mentioned that what she needed to talk to him about had changed. General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s show detail that Nelle will tell Michael that she knows something about their son he doesn’t know. Michael looks hesitant to hear what she has to say, and of course, he has absolutely no idea what the bombshell is that she could drop.

What will Nelle reveal at this point? She could blow this baby swap drama wide open, but General Hospital spoilers tease that she won’t. SheKnows Soaps indicates that she’ll make a veiled statement, and this may simply reference the teaser she shares about knowing something about Jonah.

For some reason, it sounds as if Nelle will choose not to say much more. Is that because she decides to hold back, or could it be that Michael gets angry and leaves before she can say more? Even if Nelle doesn’t say anything yet, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will do some heavy-duty thinking about what she’s learned, and she will feel compelled to do something about it if she can.

Monday’s show will also bring Willow extending an olive branch to Julian, telling him that she’d like to see him be able to spend time with Wiley. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Shiloh’s lawyer will suggest that he accept a plea deal rather than go to trial.

Now that Nelle knows that her son’s quiet life with Brad and Lucas could be at risk, it seems certain that the pace with this baby reveal storyline will pick up a bit. However, it’s not known yet just how ugly things might get, and there has been speculation that Nelle might escape and kidnap him, or that Shiloh might try to do that very same thing.

Will Nelle reach out to Brad to discuss this? Will Franco figure out what Obrecht was cryptically saying about the baby? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be intense as this moves forward, and fans had better buckle their seat belts.

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