The Queen Wants To Have A ‘Quiet’ Word With Meghan Markle Over PR Mistakes, Sources Say

Though Meghan Markle may be spending her 38th birthday in beautiful Balmoral, Scotland, her holiday may not be all fun and games. Queen Elizabeth hopes to take the opportunity to advise Meghan on how to better deal with the media, The Sun reported

According to royal expert Phil Dampier, the monarch will likely hope to discuss with Meghan “things that could have been done better” during her past year as a royal in order to “avoid any further PR blunders.”

The palace generally does not address rumors concerning the royal family although they are probably aware of the negative publicity that the American actress-turned-royal has recently received.

“This might be a good opportunity to have, not an assessment of her, but a quiet chat away from the madding crowds as to how she thinks it is going,” Dampier continued.

“I think in quiet moments and quiet walks up by the river the Queen might have a few words of advice for her.”

Though the Queen is said to be fond of Meghan, Dampier said that that does not make the former Suits actress immune from gentle criticism.

“I’m sure there must be things where she perhaps thinks things could be done better, so I’m sure [Queen Elizabeth] would give her some advice, especially if she asks for it,” he concluded.

The Sussexes have lately been dealing with a number of PR blunders. One of the most recent is Meghan’s attendance at Wimbledon for which she was branded a “nightmare,” as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The former actress not only reserved several rows, meaning that several VIPs were unable to watch the match, but she also demanded that attendees sitting nearby refrain from taking photographs even if the pictures were not of the duchess herself.

Other public relations issues have stemmed from Harry and Meghan’s desire for their newborn son, Archie Harrison, to lead as private a life as possible. This meant taking several measures, such as concealing the time of his birth and refusing to disclose the name of his godparents.

These maneuvers, as well as others, angered the media and royal fans alike. This was especially apparent following the large restoration project of Frogmore Cottage on the taxpayers’ dime. The remodeling was estimated to have cost around $3 million.

Despite what could turn out to be an awkward conversation, royal experts have said that scoring an invitation to Balmoral is a huge honor for the Sussexes and is a mark of the Queen’s fondness for the couple. The new parents will stay in their own wing as the couple looks forward to daily afternoon tea with the monarch.

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