‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers For Hannah Brown’s Finale Tease Confusion And Worries Ahead Of Final Rose Ceremony

Hannah Brown is facing tough decisions leading into her final rose ceremony and The Bachelorette spoilers from a new sneak peek suggest that she’ll be hoping that her mom can help her choose her final guy. The two women will sit down to chat seemingly after Brown’s final two men have had a chance to meet the family and tears will be flowing.

E! News shared the new sneak peek into Monday night’s finale. Based on the discussion that Hannah and her mom, Sue, have at this point, it seems like both of Hannah’s remaining two men probably made a pretty good impression on everybody.

Sue is seen noting that she believes her daughter thought she’d know which direction to go by this point. Unfortunately, it seems that Hannah is feeling extremely torn. Hannah’s eyes well up as she acknowledges that this is the case and her mom’s eyes do too.

Hannah’s mom adds that she’s going to ask her daughter some really tough questions that The Bachelorette star might not like. The sneak peek doesn’t reveal what those questions are, but Hannah insists that she wants and needs this insight from her mom.

The Bachelorette spoilers from the preview also show that Hannah will get emotional as she talks about how she wants to make sure she doesn’t make the wrong decision. Sue explains that she wants her daughter to choose someone who will love her like she should be loved.

As she tries to sort through her mixed feelings, The Bachelorette star will admit that she is conflicted, confused, and concerned. It’s not unusual for leads and their families to get emotional at this point of filming, but this preview seems to perhaps suggest that Hannah and her family find themselves pulled in different directions in terms of which bachelor to choose.

Could it turn out that the way Hannah is leaning at this point is the opposite of how her parents seem pulled? Given The Bachelorette spoilers previously shared by The Inquisitr about how things reportedly end this season, that could become especially brutal when all is said and done.

Hannah was understandably emotional over worrying she could end up picking the wrong guy. Eventually wondering if she should have trusted her parents over her own gut could become a truly heartbreaking realization if the spoilers swirling around end up being true.

Viewers will see Hannah Brown introduce her last two guys to her family Monday night as the two-night finale of The Bachelorette plays out. First, she’s facing a rose ceremony where she needs to eliminate Jed Wyatt, Tyler Cameron, or Peter Weber, and on Tuesday night, viewers will see what’s transpired since filming ended and find out where things stand for Hannah and her final rose recipient now.

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